Horror Collectibles

Sideshow Wants to Light Up Your Collectibles with its Illuminated Diablo Polystone Statue

When they're not writing, several of the Dread Central staffers who are gamers can be found playing Diablo III together. Sideshow Collectibles shares their love of the game, as evidenced by the new light-up feature they announced for their 21" Diablo Polystone Statue.

Horror Decor and Freddy In Space Turn Your Favorite Villains Into Madballs Style Pillows!

A couple months back I was contacted by the company Horror Decor, who inquired if I'd be interested in working together on a special line of pillows, a partnership between them and my blog, Freddy In Space.

Take a Look at the Prototype for the Alien Nostromo Spacesuit by NECA

With the 35th anniversary of Ridley's Scott's legendary film Alien coming next year, there will be plenty of celebratory swag. Take an early look at NECA's wax sculpt for the Nostromo spacesuit.

8-Bit Freddy Spreads His Flaps and Shows Us His Box

Arguably one of the best parts about NECA's 8-Bit Jason figure is the packaging itself, which perfectly mimics the packaging of the original Nintendo Entertainment System video game. Their upcoming Freddy figure follows suit! Take a look inside!

Zombie Lovers: Save the Animazombs from Quarantine and Help Bring Them to Life!

Whilst prowling Kickstarter, our UK correspondent, Gareth, came across a new line of interactive zombie animal plushies that are just too damn cute - and cool - to ignore. Series 1 contains 9 characters in 3 sets: Say hello to Zombie Shark, Zombie Meerkat, and lots more!

Our Favorite Holiday Comes Early with Fright Rags' Halloween Shirts and Posters!

When it comes to horror movie inspired t-shirts, few do it better than Fright Rags. Thankfully for us, the company's owner, Ben Scrivens, is a massive fan of the Halloween franchise and doesn't intend on letting the original film's 35th Anniversary pass by without some serious fanfare!

Mezco Releases Translucent Creature From the Black Lagoon Variant

Did you buy Mezco's 9" Creature from the Black Lagoon figure a few months back? If so, you're gonna love his new translucent cousin! Yep! Things are getting really fishy, kids, and your toy shelf will never be the same.

Xenomorph Brass Knuckles: The Most Badass Thing You'll See All Day!

I don't think there's a movie that has inspired more awesome merchandise, both fan-made and official, than Alien. If you slap a Xenomorph onto pretty much anything, it instantly becomes totally badass, and it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm gonna buy it.

Emce Toys Releases Your First Look at the Retro Series 4 Universal Monsters Figures

Emce Toys and Diamond Select have been releasing their Mego-style retro figures for a few years now, and the latest two have arrived! Check out your first look at The Metaluna Mutant and Lon Chaney as The Phantom of the Opera, packaging included!

McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead Series 5 Figures Now Available for Pre-Order

Series 5 of McFarlane Toys' awesome line of collectibles from "The Walking Dead" isn't coming until 2014, but we have a look at the set right here along with pre-order info.

Gentle Giant Announces The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon Walker Ears Prop Replica Display

Looking for another "The Walking Dead" collectible to add to your collection? If so, Gentle Giant's "Daryl Dixon Walker Ears Prop Replica Display Case" should be the next on your list!

More Mondo Mayhem - Predator, Prometheus, The Thing

Here we go again. More artwork to die for from the folks over at Mondo. Next on the chopping block for them is a trio of interstellar lunacy in the form of incredible eye candy for Predator, Prometheus and John Carpenter's The Thing.

Funko Releasing a 24-Piece Horror Movie Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure Set

Funko has a pretty amazing display box full of horror-themed vinyl mini-figures on the way, and we have all the details on the 24-piece set right here along with some photos of what's included.

Dread Central Presents - The Box of Dread

Ever since Brad Pitt asked the famed question "What's in the box?" in Se7en, we've had an idea lurking in the back of our minds... What if boxes filled with unknown spooky merch could find its way to your doorstep every month? Hell yeah! What if, indeed!

Evil Dead Bikini Puts Your Honey Where Hell's Mouth Is

You know, when we think "hot chick in a bikini," the next thing we think of is how hot it would be to see her sexy bits bound in human flesh and detailed in human blood. Do you share the same mindset? If so, then this is for you!