Horror Collectibles

10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!

Thanks to companies like NECA, Mezco, McFarlane and Funko, horror fans are pretty damn spoiled when it comes to toys and collectibles. Last year our collections were bulked up with some of the coolest and most unique horror toys of all time and this year is set to be no different...

Get a Better Look at NECA's Ultimate Freddy!

Collectibles company NECA always hits it out of the park with their stuff, but this? This is awesome. Behold their 30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure in all its scarred and charred glory! Ultimate indeed!

Horror Buddy Jason Also Available in 8-Bit Version!

A few days ago we told you about Horror Decor's upcoming release of Horror Buddy Jason, which goes on sale this Friday. Well, guess what, campers? The cool just got cooler as there are now TWO designs available, and believe us when we say you need both! Behold 8-Bit Horror Buddy Jason!

20 Ghastly Garbage Pail Kids - The 80s Baby's Precursor to Horror

Back in 1985 I was little more than a rambunctious little shit with a penchant for consuming revolting amounts of Starburst, sneaking constant peeks at my brother’s “hidden” Playboy cache and collecting a personal precursor to horror memorabilia... The Garbage Pail Kids.

Horror Decor Brings the Jason Horror Buddy THIS FRIDAY!

One of the fondest memories I have as a kid is watching littler kids beat the holy hell out of each other with their Wrestling Buddies. A few weeks ago Horror Decor announced a horror-themed variation. This Friday they're taking things to the next level!

NECA Brings 30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure Up from the Boiler Room

Toy company NECA has been doing one hell of a job in recent years when it comes to pleasing Freddy Krueger fans, and last year saw the release of a retro-style action figure as well as one inspired by the infamous Nightmare on Elm Street video game.

Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA, to Host All Out of Bubblegum! A Tribute to John Carpenter

Featuring artwork in all different styles and media, the Hyaena Gallery is currently featuring a fantastic presentation entitled All Out of Bubblegum! A Tribute to John Carpenter.

Own Your Own Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw 3D

There's been a long line of Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed collectibles, and for the collector who has to have EVERYTHING, you can now nab yourself a quarter scale collectible of Leatherface as he appeared in Texas Chainsaw 3D.

New Pizza Proves Horror Is the Best Topping

Some people look at pizza and see yummy junk food. Me? I look at pizza and see art. There's nothing like a fine pie made with lots of love (I miss you, L&B Spumoni Gardens), but these cats from Puerto Rico? They've combined art and food to an incredible degree.

NECA Offers Up a New Look at Their 12" Godzilla

To kick off your weekend, we have another look at NECA's upcoming action figure series based upon Legendary Pictures' take on the King of the Monsters, Godzilla. Check it out, and feel your wallet start burning as if it were the target of the radioactive breath of this behemoth!

Box of Dread - New Unboxing Videos Scare Up Big Smiles

Have you been taking advantage of our Box of Dread subscription service? You know, the one from which you get a cool mystery box of horror merch mailed to your house each month! Well, these folks have, and they're LOVING it!

CONTEST CLOSED! Subscribe to Box of Dread to Win a Jim Henson Studios Gift and a Vampirella Book

April is here, and we're showing off a couple of things in this month's "Seventh Box" for Box of Dread subscribers. You must be a subscriber to be eligible to win the "Seventh Box." Sign up for Box of Dread as a "mystery box" subscriber before the April 9, 12 midnight ET deadline.

Horror Decor Proud to Combine Frights and 80's Toys with Horror Buddies

Wrestling buddies. All true fans of squared circle action had to have one at some point in their lives. I personally remember chucking my own Hulk Hogan buddy around the living room as a kid. A great toy. And Horror Decor is making them better with Horror Buddies.

Cool Images From Bottleneck Gallery's When the Lights Go Out 2 Show

Brooklyn's Bottleneck Gallery is a great venue where all types of artists can get their work exposed and help charities while doing this. Bottleneck's current show, "When the Lights Go Out 2," is right up our alley.

Get Some Hannibal Merch: Limited Edition 'Cereal Killer' T-Shirts and New Funko Pop Vinyl Series

Slowly but surely the word is spreading about how great NBC's "Hannibal" is, and if you want to integrate the show a bit more into your day-to-day life, you can with a pair of limited edition t-shirts and a new line of vinyl mini-figures on the way from Funko.