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NECA - A Good Look at Their Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Figure and Freddy's Dream House

You know what's cool? When it comes to movie franchises the toy world knows what's badass and what's not. For instance ... NECA Toys is still pumping out A Nightmare on Elm Street figures using Robert Englund's likeness and not the recent Jackie Earle Haley meatball head from the pitiful remake.

Toy Fair 2011: More Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups on the Way!

One of the big hits on last year's Dread Central convention tour, where we gave out loads of free stuff to fans, was without question Funko Toy's Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups. I mean who could resist undead Storm Troopers?

Toy Fair 2011: Get Slimed with New Ghostbusters Goodies from Mattel and Kotobukiya

It's funny how we can see everything Ghostbusters fired out in rapid fire succession, except of course for the third film. We've got your first look at Mattel's new toy line along with a peek at the Kotobukiya PVC figure!

Toy Fair 2011: Tonner's NewTwilight Figures and The Vampire Diaries Figures First Look!

Yep, more figures to play with are on the way for the Twi-hards out there to play with, along with a whole new set of "The Vampire Diaries Figures"! We have got your first look at them in all of their brooding glory! Dig it! Below you'll find the newest line of Twilight figures from Tonner Doll Company. Included in this next round are Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen.

Toy Fair 2011: The Hunt is On with New Predators Figures from NECA

The predator franchise was put back on track with Nimrod Antal's latest entry entitled simply Predators, and the good folks over at NECA are taking full advantage of the interplanetary hunter's return to form by doling out a new line of highly detailed figured from all three of the films.

Toy Fair 2011: The Gremlins Attack

The Mogwai must be kept away from bright light, never made wet and never, ever be fed after midnight. Not so sure if those rules apply to NECA's new plastic renditions of these adorably evil creatures but they're so lifelike they just might!

Toy Fair 2011: NECA'S Best Freddy Figures EVER!

There have been many, and we mean many figures based upon the sleep-time boogeyman, Freddy Krueger. But we can guarantee you these are the damned best we've ever seen! Welcome back oh bastard son!

Toy Fair 2011: NECA's Walking Dead Shamble Forth!

With Toy Fair 2011 in full swing, NECA Toys is unveiling all sorts of goodies including some new busts from The Walking Dead! First up though, McFarlane's first look at Rick Grimes! From the Press Release

The Walking Dead: First Look at Michonne Prototype Figure

Yet another image of an upcoming ghoulish addition to McFarlane's The Walking Dead action figure line has slipped online, offering your first look at the badass zombie killer known as Michonne. From the Press Release

Get Your First Look at McFarlane's Walking Dead Lurker

Another kickass image from McFarlane's The Walking Dead figure line has come our way, and we have your first look at the dreaded zombie lurker! From the Press Release

The Walking Dead Toys Come Shambling Our Way

Oh yes, you disgustingly shaped rotting pieces of plastic. Come our way. We'll display you proudly in an area all your own. So good. So foul. So ... very ... Dead.

Alamo Drafthouse Showcasing Three William Lustig Features and Amazing Artwork to Go Along with Them

One of our favorite theatres is no doubt the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. Seriously? It's the coolest place in the world to watch a movie, and when they're not engulfed by Fantastic Fest, they hold cool events all year. Such as this!

Rotten Cotton Launches Blog

Ever since I can remember, I've always been in love with Rotten Cotton t-shirts. They've been around, hell, longer than we have, but it isn't just their badass movie shirt designs that kept our attention. It's their other stuff, too. Where else can you get merchandise with memorable slogans like "Dead Girls Never Say No!" emblazoned upon them?

This Valentine's Day Matt Busch Gives The Dead Their Due

"Chew your meat for you. Pass it back and forth. In a passionate kiss. From my mouth to yours. 'Cause I like you." Hey, man. In this day and age even the living dead could use a little love, and artist Matt Busch is back with a whole new slew of grue guaranteed to touch you until you weep. from the Press Release:

Have a Kid? Take Them to the ZombieZoo!

We live in a future where the captains of industry know the key to raking in buckets of money is to take a pop culture icon we love and transform it into something so irresistibly cute, no child, tween, lady or man who would wish to remain anonymous can say no.