Horror Collectibles

Mondo Puts the Bite On with Dracula

And what better way to cap off the stellar year that Mondo Tees has had than with yet another incredible take on one of our genre's most beloved monsters? Keep those credit cards handy, kids; these puppies are gonna go FAST!

NECA's Evil Dead 2 Figures to Die For

I remember buying the McFarlane Ash from Evil Dead figure over a decade ago. He looked so damned cool. That is until I opened the box and watched him start breaking before my eyes when I tried getting him to stand up. It was a piece of shit. Poorly made. Thoroughly aggravating. NECA Toys is looking to erase those memories with their latest line of Evil Dead 2 figures and all we have to say is wow.

Introducing MonsterPants Toys and Apparel

MonsterPants, the New York-based, do-it-yourself non-studio that brought us such films as Automatons, Satan Hates You, and the upcoming Hypothermia from Glass Eye Pix and Dark Sky Films, is going beyond movies and comics with a new line of handmade limited-run toys and apparel by writer/director/artist James Felix McKenney. Get your credit cards out, kids, because this stuff is very cool!

Meet Bigfoot from Sideshow Collectibles

It's not expected to be available until the second quarter of 2012, but if you're at all a fan of Bigfoot, you'll want to check out (and pre-order) Sideshow Collectibles' newest offering in their Sideshow Originals series, the Bigfoot statue. And it's not just his foot that's big -- he's a whopping 19" H x 9.5" W x 11" L.

Looking for a Twisted Gift for that Psycho in Your Life? Three Words: QuiET RoOM BeARs

You can go out to the store, especially this time of year, and grab some pretty disturbing merch. These past few weeks alone I've seen animatronics of guys puking in a barrel and mincing body parts with a cleaver along with an especially gruesome one of a torso with a giant rat gnawing at the innards as he shrieks and tries to crawl away. Pretty good, but there is something commercial and controlled about them. If you want simple runaway madness, unencumbered by corporate limitations, look no further than Lee Howard's QuiET RoOM BeARs.

Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo Present the Second Print in Their Jurassic Park Poster Series

As they promised in early September, Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo revealed today the second print in their Jurassic Park poster series with the latest entry coming to us from artist JC Richard. Read on to see it in its entirety and learn when you can order it for your personal collection.

Exclusive: Friday the 13th's Adrienne King Talks Crystal Lake Wines and More!

Dread chatted today with Friday the 13th and its sequel star Adrienne King, who following her beheading of the infamous Mrs. Voorhees in the seminal 1980 slasher flick is now once again spilling the red stuff, this time with her Crystal Lake Wine label, the debut of her new ‘2005 Survivor’s Syrah’ and the product tie-in short films Back to the Lake and its brand-new eight-minute sequel Back to the Lake Part II. Read on for a look.

The Walking Dead: Info on Spread the Dead Facebook App and Bloody Rick Grimes Figure (McFarlane Toys 2011 NYCC Exclusive)

A couple of stories regarding AMC's "The Walking Dead" crossed our desk this morning. First up is the series' Spread the Dead Avatar Generator on Facebook, which gives you the chance to see what you'd look like as a zombie or a survivor. Next is a peek at "The Walking Dead Comic Officer Rick Grimes - Bloody Version" figure McFarlane Toys will be selling exclusively this weekend at the New York Comic Con.

Incredible New Night of the Living Dead One-Sheet

George A. Romero's 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead is the kind of movie that continues to lay the chills on hot and heavy decades after its release. The good thing for us? The merch surrounding it is pretty nifty, too. Case in point: the following poster.

Skeleton Warriors Cartoon Series Resurrected on DVD

I was a little too old for this sort of thing by the time “Skeleton Warriors” came along in 1993, but it is exactly the type of monstrous “Masters of the Universe” type of cartoon/toyline that I would have been all about as a kid. For the first time ever, all 13 episodes are headed to DVD - just in time for Christmas.

New York Comic Con 2011: Diamond Select Toys to Give Away Zombie Minimate

The New York Comic Con, which runs October 13-16 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan, is quickly approaching so look for updates on panels and other events taking place during the con over the coming days. First on tap we have news about one of the things Dread Central and its readers like best: freebies! And not just any old freebie either. We're talking zombie freebies!

Welcome to Jurassic Park - Mondo Style!

They've done it again. Every single time we find an e-mail in our inbox from the good folks over at Mondo Tees, we end up opening it, staring at the staggeringly incredible artwork that appears before us, and then ruining the shirts we are wearing because of all of the drool. Sigh.

Zombies Lend a Hand to Keep Your Wine Fresh!

The lovable sickos over at Neatorama are once again putting the dead to work with this handy little household helper ... the Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper! Believe us ... you NEED this!

Atrum Secretum: Spend Some Time in the Twisted Mind of Gris Grimly

"I had another nightmare last night. I don't remember any of it. I think they are getting worse. Poor my dear, I scared her quite bad. I don't know what they mean. I'm not sure I want them to go away."

The Creepiest iPhone 4 Case on the Planet

You know, ninety-nine percent of the time we see a product that just leaves us scratching our heads and wondering, who in the friggin' world would design such a thing, it's usually coming out of Japan. Case in point ... For you iPhone 4 freaks out there, behold the strangest damned case we've ever seen for the damned thing! Dubbed the "Mischievous Hand", this shit is the stuff of nightmares.