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Toy Fair 2012: A Look at Mezco's New Living Dead Dolls Lineup Including Dracula!

We are full swing into Toy Fair time now with the festivities under way in the UK this week. We caught up with Mezco for a peek at their creepy plastics for 2012 and got an eyeful of Living Dead Dolls art! On tap we have...

Toy Fair 2012: The Munsters Continue to Become Collectible

The first wave of "Munsters" figures was a collector's dream with each one capturing the essence of the character perfectly. In addition to these fantastic representations of Grampa, Herman and Lily, you also got a killer collection of accessories AND a Build-A-Electric Chair!! Now Diamond Select looks to finish off its "Munsters" family portrait with a two-pack of Marilyn and little Eddie!

Meet NECA's Left 4 Dead Deluxe Boomer

IT'S TOY FAIR TIME! Well, not really, but we are starting now anyway because we're rebels. When we last heard about NECA taking on Left 4 Dead action figures, it was during San Diego Comic-Con, and we'd seen nothing more than some art on a teaser card. Now NECA gives us an excellent look at their first figure...the Deluxe Boomer!

NECA and Derek Mears Give Fans Another Look at Jason

Though Friday the 13th has come and gone, here's a new look at two of the franchise's titular killer - one from NECA, who teased just the head of its new Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Voorhees collectible, and the other from Derek Mears, who played the big man himself in the Friday remake. Check 'em out!

Help Make the Shaun of the Dead Legos Diorama Legit

Update Mar 30, 2012: Simon Pegg Pushes for Shaun of the Dead Lego on Conan O'Brien Show. Earlier this week we featured an insane Legos rendering of the Winchester from Shaun of the Dead erected by a guy who goes by the handle of Yatkuu. The creation has been so well received that there is a possibility it could become an actual set produced by Lego...and you Dread Central readers can help put it over the top.

It's Not Every Day You See Shaun of the Dead Recreated In Legos

Legos have evolved greatly since we put our last castles together back in the early '80s. No longer are you just given a pile of bricks and forced to build another shitty formless house. Today's kids have movie-licensed Legos based on Harry Potter, Toy Story, "SpongeBob," etc. And we've been fine with that... until now. We didn't get jealous until we saw Shaun of the Dead reconstructed in Legos.

Now We've Seen It All ... The Human Centipede Scarf

What do you get the person who has everything? You get him or her a goddamn Human Centipede hand-knit scarf, that's what! Made of 12 (count 'em 12!) victims (thank you, Martin!) The Human Centipede scarf may be the greatest piece of outerwear ever created.

Be the First on Your Block to Own The Orphan Killer Mask

So here you are, sitting on a bunch of Christmas gift cards with nothing to buy. You got all the video games and movies you wanted from the big man in the red suit, and those pre-loaded Visas and MasterCards are burning a hole in your pocket. We've got just the item for you.

Sideshow Collectibles Has Some Badass Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Fun in Store for Fans

Ever see something and say to yourself, "Oh, man, I HAVE to own that!"? Yeah, that's exactly how we feel right now. Get ready to break your banks, horror fans, as Sideshow Collectibles and Guillermo del Toro have some really spooky stuff on tap for you!

Mondo Puts the Bite On with Dracula

And what better way to cap off the stellar year that Mondo Tees has had than with yet another incredible take on one of our genre's most beloved monsters? Keep those credit cards handy, kids; these puppies are gonna go FAST!

NECA's Evil Dead 2 Figures to Die For

I remember buying the McFarlane Ash from Evil Dead figure over a decade ago. He looked so damned cool. That is until I opened the box and watched him start breaking before my eyes when I tried getting him to stand up. It was a piece of shit. Poorly made. Thoroughly aggravating. NECA Toys is looking to erase those memories with their latest line of Evil Dead 2 figures and all we have to say is wow.

Introducing MonsterPants Toys and Apparel

MonsterPants, the New York-based, do-it-yourself non-studio that brought us such films as Automatons, Satan Hates You, and the upcoming Hypothermia from Glass Eye Pix and Dark Sky Films, is going beyond movies and comics with a new line of handmade limited-run toys and apparel by writer/director/artist James Felix McKenney. Get your credit cards out, kids, because this stuff is very cool!

Meet Bigfoot from Sideshow Collectibles

It's not expected to be available until the second quarter of 2012, but if you're at all a fan of Bigfoot, you'll want to check out (and pre-order) Sideshow Collectibles' newest offering in their Sideshow Originals series, the Bigfoot statue. And it's not just his foot that's big -- he's a whopping 19" H x 9.5" W x 11" L.

Looking for a Twisted Gift for that Psycho in Your Life? Three Words: QuiET RoOM BeARs

You can go out to the store, especially this time of year, and grab some pretty disturbing merch. These past few weeks alone I've seen animatronics of guys puking in a barrel and mincing body parts with a cleaver along with an especially gruesome one of a torso with a giant rat gnawing at the innards as he shrieks and tries to crawl away. Pretty good, but there is something commercial and controlled about them. If you want simple runaway madness, unencumbered by corporate limitations, look no further than Lee Howard's QuiET RoOM BeARs.

Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo Present the Second Print in Their Jurassic Park Poster Series

As they promised in early September, Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo revealed today the second print in their Jurassic Park poster series with the latest entry coming to us from artist JC Richard. Read on to see it in its entirety and learn when you can order it for your personal collection.