Horror Collectibles

The Walking Dead Minimates Now Available for Pre-Order!

Aside from all that nasty rigor mortis business, it's fun and easy to play with the dead. Now Diamond Select has made it even easier with Wave One of their Walking Dead Minimates! Check 'em out!

Rare Dracula Poster Sells for Big Bucks!

Wow. Just wow. As a collector of fine horror movie memorabilia, my tongue has been dragging on the floor since the second I set eyes on this incredibly rare piece of artwork in promotion of Universal's original Dracula.

McFarlane's Walking Dead Figures - Find out Who'll Be Included in Series Two

Although we're a little disappointed that the figures are only 5" tall, we're all in agreement that McFarlane's Walking Dead figures are incredibly cool and detailed. So... what can you expect from Series Two? Read on!

Diamond Select Toys Continues to Roll Out the Universal Monsters

Oh, Diamond Select Toys! How easy you make it to part with our hard earned cash. Fans of the Universal monsters be warned ... you're about to drool all over yourself ... AGAIN!

Hammer Releases ScreamBoard Digital App for iPhone

Nothing beats the classics, and the people at Hammer Films are giving you the chance to relive some of your favorite moments from their iconic films with a new iPhone app, The Hammer ScreamBoard.

A Look Inside The Walking Dead Board Game

While walking around WonderCon, one of our guys on the scene Steve Sievers snapped us a few shots inside the box of Cryptozoic Entertainment's The Walking Dead themed board game which came out around the beginning of the year. Being that we've only ever seen the box art, we figured, hey, why not?

Mezco Releases Another Look at Its 9" Frankenstein's Monster Figure

As a lover of the Universal Monsters, there are few people on the planet more excited for the release of Mezco's 9" take on the Frankenstein monster than I am. It's glorious. Just glorious. How about another look?

Get a Limited Edition Resident Evil T-Virus and Anti-Virus Prop Replica

One thing horror fans get to enjoy much more of than, say, comedy fans is collectibles from their favorite films, and if the Resident Evil franchise is near the top of your list, then you'll be wanting to check out this limited edition T-Virus and Anti-Virus prop replica.

Incredible New Freddy Collectible Will Have You Tossing Your Wallet into the Furnace

As avid horror memorabilia collectors, we've been known to toss a lot of cash around for things that really only have value to us. However, every now and again something comes along so friggin' cool it would have value to anyone. This is one of those times.

Get Ready to Sleep Like the Dead

Zombie fans? We love all things dead related. We eat, breathe, and now ... we can officially sleep this stuff. Check out an exciting new way to pull the sheets up over your head.

The Orphan Killer is Riding Dirty on Convention Tour

Director Matt Farnsworth is taking his film The Orphan Killer onto the convention tour in style. So if you happen to be driving down the freeway, look over and see a sports car beside you covered with blood, don't worry, it's just The Orphan Killer ... hopefully.

NECA Reveals Everything It Can About Its 2012 Alien and Aliens Line

If you're an Alien fan, you had better sit down and collect yourself before checking out this story. We've seen some pretty cool stuff from NECA before, but this just might take the cake!

NECA Delivers Another Look at Evil Dead 2's Ash

We apologize in advance for any typos you may find in this particular news story. It's very hard to type when there are gallons of drool leaking out of the side of your mouth. Feast your eyes! Glut your soul! Feel your wallet burning!

New Jack Pierce Figure to Sculpt Horror at Monsterpalooza

Emce Toys, the brand that revived the classic Mego style 1/9-scale “retro cloth” action figures of the 1970s, is partnering with the Monsterpalooza convention to create limited edition handcrafted Mego-scale exclusives for the April 2012 event in Burbank, California.

Toy Fair 2012: Jason Voorhees, Predator, Robocop, Ash, and Freddy Krueger! We Love You, NECA!

Hold on to your asses, kids. Or better yet... go hide your credit cards, your checkbook, and close your PayPal accounts lest you give up your children's college funds to get your claws into every one of these bad boys from NECA!