Horror Collectibles

Ready to Listen to John Russo's Movie Music?

John Russo is a legend in the horror community and one of the original minds behind the film Night of the Living Dead. Russo will be releasing a new CD soon entitled John Russo's Movie Music!!. which will have songs from some of his horror movies. There is also a special treat on the CD--three songs are sung by the man himself!

Artist Rob Sacchetto has Zombified Thousands ... You Could be Next

In 2006 Rob Sacchetto started an online service called Zombie Portraits in which he hand-painted people as the living dead. Now, five years later, Sacchetto has laid the undead look on over 2,000 people and counting. And that's just the beginning of this zombie artist's resume.

Is Your Mom a Horror Fan? Check out These HILARIOUS Must-See Cards!

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a mother who encouraged me to be the friggin' lunatic I've grown up to be. She let me cut my teeth on Godzilla and the classics and then let me dive right into The Exorcist. Have a similar story? Then these cards are a must send!

Two More Dexter Bobble Heads Coming Our Way This Summer

We have to wait until September 30th to see the real-life players from Showtime's "Dexter", but in July 2012 Bif Bang Pow is releasing two more of their awesome bobble heads from the show: Detective Joey Quinn and fan favorite Lt. Debra Morgan.

Dark Shadows Series 2 Action Figures Coming in November 2012

If you're a "Dark Shadows" fan (we're talking about the original TV series, not the movie version), then you'll want to read on for details about Series 2 of the action figures, which features Quentin Collins, Josette du Pres, and Willie Loomis, coming in November of this year.

New Headphones Deliver One Hell of a Headshot!

Here at Dread Central we get lots of cool stuff in the mail. Recently, though, we got something that will forever change the way we look at headphones. Allow us a quick second to turn you sickos on to Battle Gray Billets 9mm Earphones!

Aussie Company It's Only A T-Shirt Releases Wolf Creek Design

It's all about the T-shirt collection, isn't it, horror fans. You've gotta have that boss pile of tees because you never know what shirt might be appropriate. It's Only A T-Shirt, has a cool new, and totally unique design they're about to release that'll fit beautifully into any closet o' horror.

The Novo Geek Unveils the Perfect Mother's Day Gift: A Dexter Thumb Drive...With a Real Thumb!

Looking for a Mother's Day gift for that special horror lovin' mama on your shopping list? Well, if she's a "Dexter" fan, she should get a kick out of the new thumb drive that'll be available from The Novo Geek when its virtual doors are opened on May 7th.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Bif Bang Pow Twilight Zone Exclusives

Nothing, and I repeat nothing, sends a chill down our spines quite like writing San Diego Comic-Con stories in May. The event looms over us like the original Godzilla did over a tropical Japanese mountain. Anyway, this one is for you "Twilight Zone" fans out there!

Get Another Look at McFarlane's Next Walking Dead Figures

A new look at Series Two of McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead line is here, and even at just 5" tall, these things are packing a wallop. Note to self: Need the Well Zombie and crazy bald Shane, like yesterday.

Sideshow's Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Diorama Now Available for Pre-Order

While the Don't Be Afraid of the Dark remake was disappointing to most of us, no one can deny that the creatures themselves were pretty cool, which is why we're letting you know that Sideshow Collectibles' badass Don't Be Afraid of the Dark polystone diorama just became available for pre-order.

A Quick Look at Living Dead Dolls Series 24

The "Creepy Cute" craze will never die, and Mezco is making sure you get your fill of it! We last teased you with blackened outlines of Living Dead Dolls Series 24, and now we are ready for the reveal!!

The Star Wars Universe Gets Even Scarier with Gentle Giants Death Trooper

Every day is ZOMBIE DAY ... now and for the foreseeable future! Gentle Giant knows this and has gone back to the Star Wars vaults to unleash this epic creep on an unsuspecting world ...

Neatorama Finds Even More Practical Uses for the Dead

Call us crazy, but when our loved ones pass on, it just doesn't seem practical to bury them. Especially when they're just going to crawl out of their maggot tombs to shamble across the Earth looking for fresh meat to eat. Good thing for us the lovable loonies at Neatorama have some ideas to make the walkers functioning members of society once again.

The Cabin in the Woods - Mondo Style

If you were in attendance at the Alamo Drafthouse screening of The Cabin in the Woods down in Austin, Texas then your eyes no doubt caught sight of the beauty that is the new Mondo Tees poster. If not, no worries! You can see it here!