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Publisher Decimates Artwork for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

If you listen closely, you'll hear the collective sound of hearts breaking around the world. Alvin Schwartz's book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark has long been a gateway for kids to get into the genre with its spooky short stories and incredible artwork by Stephen Gammell. Sadly, HarperCollins, publisher of the terror tomes, has made one of the single most boneheaded decisions we've ever reported on.

Darksiders Novel Set to Release Alongside Darksiders II

Reading is fundamental, kids, so maybe you should put down the video games and read a book... about video games. Read on for the latest tome of terror related goodness.

Halloween: The Complete History ... The Night He Came Home in Print October 2013!

When we talk iconic horror franchises, you don't get much bigger than Halloween, the earliest and one of the most prolific ever. Now Justin Beahm has taken on the Herculean task of compiling a history of the entire series. From that first trip to Haddonfield right up through the upcoming Halloween 3D, Halloween: The Complete Authorized History will cover the entire history of The Shape.

Steven Juliano to Release Lovers and Kings Graphic Novel

Steven Juliano is a former illustrator for Disney and HBO. He was also the frontman for the Long Beach-based band I Am Ghost. Steven has left all that behind and has now focused all his creative efforts on an upcoming graphic novel entitled Lovers and Kings: Book One. The book is a collection of amazing artwork and stories, all created by Juliano, and its release date is February 1st.

Lynn Messina Offers The Girls' Guide to Dating Zombies

Look, we all know the zombie apocalypse is going to happen sooner or later. All this 2012 talk doesn't make things any better either. So instead of fighting it, it's better to be prepared. And, being the thoughtful soul she is, Lynn Messina has written a book to assist girls with relationships when there's no more room in Hell and the dead shall walk the Earth.

Anne Rice Discusses The Wolf Gift in New Video; More Signing Events Confirmed

Anne Rice has posted a new video on her YouTube page discussing her upcoming book The Wolf Gift, and one thing that caught our attention is that her protagonist's transformation isn't a painful ordeal, but rather a sensuous experience in which he enjoys his increased strength and heightened senses. And that's just the beginning of the new werewolf mythos she's created. Check it out for a lot more details, but first here's a list of cities added to her promo tour in support of the novel.

Suggested Reading to Feed Your Bookworms - Strange Guts: American Septic and Dead Summit

Okay, all you book readers out there, always showing off with your ability to comprehend the written word without having to move your lips. We do envy you. Late last night we got word of a couple of volumes that may tickle your fancy. Read on... like we have to ask you to.

Exclusive First Word - Relive Your Crystal Lake Memories Like NEVER Before!

Just short of announcing that a new film in the Friday the 13th franchise is coming out with a director behind it that actually knows what they're doing, there's no greater announcement we can make on this day of days than this ...

Anne Rice to Appear In-Store in San Francisco for The Wolf Gift Signing

We're just about a month away from the release of Anne Rice's upcoming return to the supernatural genre, The Wolf Gift, and while we await word of just how extensive a book tour the beloved author might embark upon in support of it, we do know of one location where she'll be making an appearance and signing: Books Inc. in San Francisco's Opera Plaza.

NY Times Bestseller Jonathan Maberry Releases Dead of Night: A Zombie Novel

Yet another sign the zombies have taken over has arrived. Bram Stoker Award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry has just released his newest work of horrific fiction, a novel entitled Dead of Night: A Zombie Novel. And it's absolutely crawling with living dead.

Gregory Lamberson Has Three New Books and a Feature Film Planned for the New Year

While most of us are just starting to formulate a game plan for the upcoming new year, author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson already has three new books on tap for 2012 as well as a feature film in the works, Scaremonger, starring Debbie Rochon.

Scream Deconstructed Invades the eBook and International Marketplaces

Back in October we first learned about Scott Kessinger's Scream Deconstructed: An Unauthorized Analysis, and now the book about all four Scream films is poised to enjoy wider distribution via Kindle, Nook, Barnes & Noble, and international Amazon stores after its successful initial release.