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Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol Pits Nazis Against Dinosaurs Against Albert Einstein with a Machine Gun

With all the comic book to film adaptations coming our way, Titan Comics has announced a new series that we're ready to get down on our knees and beg the studios to adapt. Seriously, this is all we want for Christmas.

NARR8 Hits The App Store With Great Valentine's Day Content

The free iPad App NARR8 is now on the App store and is arriving on Android on February 19th. Get your favorite horror comics and interactive tales straight to your mobile devices. Celebrate Valentine's Day with NARR8 with fun events, contests and content! Read on to learn more.

Exclusive: Editor George Mann Discusses Encounters of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a well-established character known for his detective work of gruesome murder cases. In the new book Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, we find several stories by the book's authors, James Lovegrove, Mark Hodder, and others.

A Look Inside Cemetery Dance's Special Editions of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

The other day we told you about the special editions of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep that are coming our way from Cemetery Dance Publications, and now we have a look at some of the black & white artwork that is exclusive to them. Check it out, but beware of spoilers!

Cemetery Dance Publishing Special Editions of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

Excited about Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's upcoming sequel to The Shining? Then you just may want to splurge on Cemetery Dance Publications' Slipcased Oversized Hardcover Gift Edition.

Stephen King on Doctor Sleep's Origins, a Possible Movie Prequel to The Shining, His Legacy, and More

A few weeks ago EW released some teasers from its in-depth interview with Stephen King for Doctor Sleep (coming in September), and now they've published the whole thing. We have several highlights here.

Exclusive: Author Christopher Shy Gives Us the Scoop On Dead Space: Liberation

Dead Space 3 is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to delve into the horrifying world ahead. Author Christopher Shy discusses his new book, Dead Space: Liberation; recreating our protagonist John Carver; expanding the Dead Space universe; and much more!

Jake Helman Returns in Gregory Lamberson's Storm Demon

Author Gregory Lamberson has revealed the cover for Storm Demon, the fifth book in his occult detective series The Jake Helman Files. Check it out here along with a look at The Jake Helman Files: Afterlife Project, which is available as a free download.

Warm Bodies Prequel The New Hunger Available January 28th

Looking forward to checking out Warm Bodies when it hits theatres next Friday, February 1st? Before you do so, you may want to read its prequel, The New Hunger, coming to eBook on January 28th.

The Wolf Gift Paperback to Include a Teaser of Its Sequel The Wolves of Midwinter

Not only is Anne Rice's first foray into the werewolf sub-genre, The Wolf Gift, hitting paperback later this month with a spiffy new black cover, but it will also contain at the end a "teaser" first chapter of The Wolves of Midwinter, the novel's sequel.

Stephen King Talks About His Literary Visit to Doctor Sleep

Stephen King's The Shining sequel, entitled Doctor Sleep, is being released on September 24th, 2013, by both Scribner and Hodder & Stoughton, and recently Entertainment Weekly caught up with the author to talk about his long awaited book.

Exclusive: James P. Blaylock Discusses The Aylesford Skull

James P. Blaylock's The Aylesford Skull releases on January 25, 2013. Fans will be able to jump into this 440-page science fiction novel soon, and we recently sat down with the author himself to give readers a more in-depth look into the Steampunk adventure to come.

Tooth and Claw: A Field Guide to Nature Run Amok Horror Movies Is a Must-Have Book for Fans of Killer Animal Flicks

We’ve had compendiums chronicling zombie movies, slasher flicks, and all manner of horrors. Thanks to Tooth and Claw: A Field Guide To "Nature Run Amok" Horror Movies, we finally have an all-encompassing book cataloging that wonderful sub-genre of horror about when animals attack.

Need Some Horrific Holiday Reading? Try John Skipp's Art Is the Devil E-Book

In the time it's taking you to read this story, you could have already made your way over to Amazon and picked up John Skipp's splatterpunk e-book short story Art Is the Devil. The Charlie Sheen inspired cover art is worth the $.99 price alone!