6th annual South African HORRORFEST Film Festival

The South African HORRORFEST Film Festival is the only Halloween event of its kind on the continent, and this year celebrates its 6th annual outing. The deadline of end-August 2010 is approaching fast for short film-, feature film-, and short story entries. All details at: http://www.HORRORFEST.info Check out the killer event promo produced (in 2009) by HORRORFEST organizers Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFh62j-3IpI (to be expanded soon)
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Zombo Italiano: The Italian Zombie Film Movement, 1972-1985

They rise again! Beginning July 8th and running until July 29, MAD presents the film series Zombo Italiano, 10 works by a generation of Italian directors, some celebrated, some obscure, who through their pioneering special effects pushed the boundaries of low-culture and gore to deal brutally and humorously with the body at its most material, while offering a grotesque but poetic vision of nature and humanity.
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"She's Crushed" on DVD 2/16/10

Tara sets her sights on the unassuming guy-next-door, Ray, and their innocent flirting turns into a regretful one night stand. He is hoping to put the indiscretion safely behind him, but Tara makes it horrifically clear that she is more than willing to go to extremes to keep her man. Everyone that Ray cares about will pay for his reckless decision as they are all forced into a twisted game of love, torture, and death at the hands of sadistic Tara.
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Sadako - The Ring

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Alternate "The Perfect House" movie poster

Here is one of our other possible movie posters. We have a collection of concept posters for our fans to vote on, on our facebook page. We need to collect 10k fans to receive the funding required to begin production, add us today!!Weekly contest, updates and promotional events for fans only! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Perfect-House/160049602586?ref=nf www.theperfecthousemovie.net
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Red Velvet

After meeting his neighbor Linda at the local laundromat, Aaron soon learns she is disappointed about missing a birthday bash that is to take place with her friends at a remote cabin in the woods. To entertain Linda, Aaron, a storyteller, constructs a terrifying tale featuring a psychopathic killer that systematically and gruesomely murders all the guests at the party. Linda becomes more engaged as the mayhem mounts in Aaron’s story, even contributing some of her own ideas along the way.
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Photoshop project, using a fiberglass mask I made for a film project.
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Photoshop project, using a fiberglass mask I made for a film project.
Tags: Art, camera, horror, mask, masks, photoshop, Photoshop art

TRIPPY the mad clown

Trippy is the most famous on youtube. The most famous clown and the metal God. see all his shit on: www.TrippyTV.com
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H@ sculpt with color...

Could the finished mask look a little like this...? Threw the pic of the sculpt in to photoshop...just for the hell of it...
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