Home Invasion

IFC Midnight Ready to Start Pumping Out Replicas

One of the bigger films at this year's Tribeca Film Festival was the new flick Replicas, and word has just broken that one of the horror genre's best friends has picked it up for distro! Read on for all the details.

Tribeca 2012: Exclusive Clip from Jeremy Regimbal's Replicas

Just in time for its world premiere during the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, we've dug our claws into an exclusive clip from Replicas! Check it out and get all sweaty with anticipation!

Tribeca 2012: First Clip from Jeremy Regimbal's Replicas

In anticipation of its world premiere during the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, the first clip from Replicas has surfaced, and we have it right here along with the film's screening schedule during the fest.

Exclusive: Vesuvio Entertainment's Behind Your Eyes Lands US Distribution

Vesuvio Entertainment has finalized a U.S. distribution deal with film and DVD distributor Osiris Entertainment for director Clint Lien’s horror thriller Behind Your Eyes. The announcement was made by Greg H. Sims, CEO of Vesuvio.

Sales One-Sheet Debut - Replicas

We've dug our claws into some early sales art for Replicas, which is now haunting the hallowed halls of the European Film Market, and have imported it for you all the way from Berlin. Well, not really. All we did was click on some stuff, but still!

Trespass (2011)

Starring Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Ben Mendelsohn, Cam Gigandet, Liana Liberato Directed by Joel Schumacher

New Trespass Clip Shines a Spotlight on a Troubled Marriage

There's no telling just how bat-shit crazed Nicolas Cage is liable to get once his home is invaded in his latest flick, Trespass, but in light of this latest clip we're hoping that they're saving all the good stuff for later.

Trespass Trailer Treads Familiar Ground

Here's the thing ... Yes, we've seen this tale told a thousand times already, but Trespass is home to a soon-to-be-vengeful Nicolas Cage (and his hair), and for that reason alone we are so friggin' in!

First Artwork for Nicolas Cage's Trespass

Yet another film has skyrocketed to the top of our "Must See" list! A home invasion flick called Trespass with Nicolas Cage! You do not invade this man's home! Oh the mayhem to come!

The Strangers 2 Dribbles Its Way to Some New Talent

What in the hell is going on with sequels today? With the exception of the Saw and Paranormal Activity franchises, it seems like further installments of successful films cannot get off the ground. Here's a little bit more about that Strangers sequel we've been hearing about on and off for the last three years, but don't get too excited.

New Line Cinema Prepping The Watching Hour Spec Project

Even though it's Sunday, that's not stopping a few tidbits of news from creeping online, including this latest story about The Watching Hour, a new spec script from a pair of writers who are apparently the grandsons of Dick Van Dyke.

Haylie Duff Next Victim of a Home Invasion

And the home invasion sub-genre keeps ticking away with the latest entry being the generically titled Home Invasion. Really, guys? Nothing else a little snappier?

The Strangers Part 2 Almost Ready to Roll?

The home invasion flick The Strangers fell somewhat short of packing the punch that it should have had and nearly achieved, so we're hoping the long talked about sequel can get the the tension and horror just right this time. Looks as if we'll be finding out soon enough if it will get the job done right.

Replicas to Invade Your Home

When it comes to being frightening, there are few things more terrifying than home invasions. The premise alone is the stuff of nightmares. Hollywood knows this full well, too, and there's another flick exploiting this premise on its way called Replicas!

AFM 2010: Sales Art for Behind Your Eyes

As the week-long AFM 2010 winds down to a close (and what a week it was!), we got a look at some new sales art for Clint Lien's psycho-thriller Behind Your Eyes. Synopsis: