Happy Holidays 2013!

With the biggest holiday of the year upon us, we'd like to take this time to wish all of you a merry whatever the hell you believe in! Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus, it doesn't matter. Just as long as you have a safe and wonderful time.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Before you sit down for an incredible meal this Thanksgiving, you're going to be spending a good portion of your morning elbow deep up the ass of a dead bird in search of The Bag™. We are right there with ya and have the number of a good therapist on hand, just in case.

Happy New Year 2013

Though it was a pretty good year for movies, 2012 has for the most part sucked. False raptures, non-existent Armageddons, Norm MacDonald's Vampire Dog... enough already! It's with great pleasure that we give this year the proverbial finger and officially look forward to lucky '13!

Yuletide Terrors From Us to You!

It's hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us already, but alas... here we are again, another year under our belts and some added spring in our steps thanks to the good spirit of the season. That being said, it's time once again to share some holiday smiles.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

This is it, kids! The day we gorge ourselves after spending a good portion of our morning elbow deep up the ass of a dead bird in search of The Bag™. Sure such behavior in any other situation would be cause for therapy, but today we give thanks for the experience!

Happy Holidaze 2011 From Dread Central

And here we are again. Another holiday season that puts the greatest exclamation point on the year that we could ever have hoped for. Thank you sincerely for making 2011 a banner year for us.

Holiday Fun Dread Central Style!

Ah yes, kids! It's in the air. Everyone's just a little happier and smiling just a bit more. Festive decor lines the streets, we've been spiking our eggnog since Tuesday, and I'm finally done adding glitter and paint to my testicles (one red, one green) so I can dangle them like mistletoe anywhere I can that won’t involve me getting thrown into jail for the weekend.

Breaking Glass Pictures Giving Dread-Heads 40% Off All Month for the Holidays!

Good news for those of you out there looking to do some holiday shopping for the indie horror fans in your life! The good folks over at Breaking Glass Pictures have cooked up a deal with you, yes, YOU in mind, dearest reader. Check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

The most filling day of the year is now upon us once again, but before we pack it in and start gorging, we feel it's important to acknowledge what we are most thankful for here at Dread Central.

Happy New Year 2011!

The year 2010 was a truly strange animal. Sure it was filled with the usual ups, downs, surprises, and letdowns, but it was also home to odd events we never saw coming like MGM nearly folding, Paranormal Activity 2 not being just a cash-in, and Uwe Boll actually making a good movie in the form of Rampage.

Happy Holidaze 2010 from Dread Central

It's hard to believe another year is nearly over, and on this day of giving and receiving, don't think for a second that we don't realize you guys keeping us company day after day is the greatest gift of all!

Get Your Holiday Shopping Done at SidMart!

We have all been there -- there's a horror fan on your list who seemingly has everything and you haven't the slightest friggin' idea what to get them. Why not invest in something unique from Sid Haig, the Captain himself? From the Press Release

Happy New Year 2010

With 2009 winding up its final hours, we'd like to take a moment to say GOOD RIDDANCE! This year has taken from us some of our beloved stars, beloved idols, beloved friends, and beloved income and has generally sucked for the most part. To it we fondly give the finger and shout with as primal a scream as possible -- WELCOME 2010!

Happy Holidaze from Dread Central

The big day is upon us! Time for laughing, drinking, and indulging in the practice of giving and receiving some sweet, sweet presents. Just make sure you use protection and clean up when you're done.

Happy Holidaze from Dread Central!

The big day is here! The day you wake up in heated anticipation, already sweating with worry that your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister (hopefully not all the same person) will love what you got for them, anxious to see that look in their eyes the moment they find that you’ve bestowed them with...