History Channel

History Channel's Cryptid: The Swamp Beast Brings Legend to Life

The History Channel has a new series called "Cryptid: The Swamp Beast" airing on Monday nights, and since it sounds up our alley we thought we'd bring it to your attention with more details and a teaser video.

Eli Roth, Eric Newman, and Scott Kosar Involved in History Channel's New Jesus Project that Could Include Exorcism

We've all heard it said that Jesus was the first zombie, but the first exorcist? If this latest news of a potential series on History is correct, that's exactly how he'll be portrayed! Read on for the details.

Frankenstein: The Real Story Arrives on DVD Next Year

Though there is no true "real story" behind the tale of Frankenstein and his monster, in the sense that a dude never stitched together other dudes and brought the creation to life, The History Channel will be exploring the classic story from all angles next year with a 178-minute disc dubbed Frankenstein: The Real Story.

History Channel Unveils Predator X

Rarely do we cover anything that's airing on The History Channel of all places, but this one was just too tasty to pass up! Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever -- undiscovered until now -- get ready to meet the deadliest dinosaur that ever walked the Earth, "Predator X".