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Set a Trap with These New Photos and 5-Minute Clip from Helix Episode 1.12 - The Reaping

Just two episodes remain in Season 1 of "Helix," and things are getting really tense up in the Arctic. This batch of stills and a sneak peek of Episode 1.12, "The Reaping," hold a few clues of how things are going to work out for our folks from the CDC.

Don a Slicker and Check Out These Images from Helix Episode 1.11 - Black Rain

We're surprised there hasn't been much chatter amongst our readers about Syfy's "Helix." There are just three episodes left, and we're loving every second of it! Here are some photos from Episode 1.11, "Black Rain," to get those of you who are also watching ready for Friday night.

Visit Level X via These New Images from Helix Episode 1.09

We're kind of surprised more of our readers aren't talking about Syfy's "Helix" since it's a great mix of horror, sci-fi, and mystery. If you're still watching along with us, here's a fresh batch of stills from Episode 1.09, "Level X."