B-Sides: The Hidden in Your Eyes

As I began to write this B-Sides, it suddenly hit me that if any sci-fi movie from the Eighties deserves a special edition Blu-ray, it’s The Hidden. Why is that Blu-ray being hidden from the waiting public? The theme song is pretty good, too.

Alexander Skarsgard Hidden in Latest Low Budget Spooker from WB

We reported earlier about Warner Brothers getting into the low budget/high profit horror arena with Primal Pictures, and now we have some pretty nifty casting news for a little flick called Hidden!

More Low Budget Horror Flicks Coming from Warner Bros. and Primal Pictures

Given the success of movies like Paranormal Activity and Insidious, Hollywood is finally catching on to the fact that you don't need a huge budget to make a good movie. Yeah, and the box office dollars don't hurt either!

Hidden Horrors Come Home in April

Some quick DVD news coming in for a flick we've been waiting patiently for here Stateside. The latest evil kid flick Hidden is on its way home via eOne Entertainment and we've got the skinny on the release! Read on!

Warner Brothers Has Hidden Horrors on Its Agenda

Germs, super germs, and super duper germs will no doubt be the cause of the extinction of the human race, and while we all wait patiently for the end to come, enterprising filmmakers continue to mine the apocalypse genre for all that it's worth.

UK Discovers Horrors in Hidden 3D on DVD and Blu-ray

Killer kid flicks are always a safe bet when it comes to bringing the freaky goods, but when said killer kids are also scientifically spawned mutants hungry for flesh, things get a little more icky! Cue Antoine Thomas’ Hidden 3D, coming to Blu-ray in the UK on October 10th courtesy of G2 Pictures.

Mariano Baino Talks Hidden 3D Cast and Crew Changes

Following up on a previous story pertaining to some recent shake-ups surrounding Italy's first 3D film, Hidden, we recently heard from vacating director Mariano Baino regarding both his and Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni's departure from the film.

Italy's Hidden 3D Goes Through Cast and Crew Changes

It's always good to know that America isn't the only country that sometimes has trouble getting its shit together. Italy's first ever 3D feature film, Hidden 3D, has undergone a bit of a shake-up cast and crew wise, and we're here to keep you up to date as always. According to Bloody Disgusting:

DVD Releases: 3/23/10: Entering The Lair of the After Dark Horrorfest Makes You Scream Banshee!!!

Definitely the biggest DVD release this week is the After Dark Horrorfest box set with, if not eight films worth dying for, at least a couple that are worth your time; and the fun of the thing is figuring out which ones they are. But that's not all that's coming out March 23rd; read on for the rest.

After Dark Horrorfest 4 Home Video Report Card

It's that wonderful time of the year again! As of March 23rd you'll be able to take home either the entire set or just your favorite movies from this year's After Dark Horrorfest 4, and we've put in the hours to find out what is worth your time and what was best left dead and buried. Dig it, baby!

Hidden (Skjult) (2009)

Reviewed by Scott A. Johnson Starring Kristoffer Joner, Cecile A. Mosli, Anders Danielsen Lie, Bjarte Hjelmeland, Karin Park Directed by Pal Oie

Italy Goes 3D with Hidden

Looks as if the 3D craze is official in Italy. First we brought you the news about Italy's Turn of the Screw 3D (story here), and now word of Hidden 3D has come to light. Interestingly enough, they're both claiming to be the country's first three-dimensional film.

Trailer Debut: After Dark's Hidden

The new latest trailer for the 2010 After Dark Horrorfest's Norwegian entry, Pål Øie's Hidden (or Skjult), was released today; and we have it for your perusal.

Where Can You See After Dark Films' Horrorfest 4?

Horrorfest 4 kicks off in exactly two weeks, and no doubt many of you have been wondering if it'll be happening in your home town ... and if not, how far will you have to travel to be a part of it? Well, wonder no more as After Dark Films has released its up-to-date list of cities and locations for the fest.