DVD and Blu-Ray Releases: March 15th - Battle Sharktopus in Los Angeles in the Hereafter

It's a very mixed bag this week for horror title releases. We're not sure how Dread-worthy the supernatural drama Hereafter (directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jay Mohr) is but have included it because of its afterlife aspects.

New One-Sheet to Usher Us into the Hereafter

We're still not sure just how Dread-worthy Clint Eastwood's supernatural thriller Hereafter is going to be (if at all), but in any event, we're bringing you the film's one-sheet debut just in case! From the Press Release

A Trailer to Send Us into the Hereafter

The official trailer for Clint Eastwood's supernatural drama about people who are touched by death in different ways starring Matt Damon, Cecile de France, Jay Mohr, and Bryce Dallas Howard just debuted online, and honestly? Really not sure whether we should be covering this one or not.

Let Me In and Hereafter MPAA Ratings

Two upcoming genre films, Let Me In and Hereafter, have received their MPAA ratings, meaning you'll know what to expect if you're planning on checking out either or both of them.

First Image from Dexter Season 5 and More from Let Me In, Buried, and Hereafter

Entertainment Weekly just released its "Fall Movie Preview" issue, and in it we found several new stills for some upcoming horror flicks as well as the very first image from "Dexter" Season 5! Drink it up, folks!

Release Date Shuffle: Hotel Transylvania 3D and Hereafter

"Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania! Such a scary place. Such a scary face. Plenty of doom at the Hotel Transylvania! Any kind of fear. You can find it here!" There. Now just try and get that shit out of your heads!

Jay Mohr to See the Light of the Hereafter

One more cast member has been added to Clint Eastwood's supernatural thriller Hereafter, and it's not someone you hear connected to our genre very often. Jay Mohr has signed on to play Matt Damon's brother, Billy.

Bryce Dallas Howard Headed Toward the Hereafter

Yet another actor is headed toward the light of Clint Eastwood's upcoming foray into the supernatural. Bryce Dallas Howard is joining Matt Damon in the thriller Hereafter.

Cecile de France Taking a Trip to the Hereafter

Haute Tension star Cecile de France is joining Matt Damon in Clint Eastwood's upcoming thriller Hereafter. De France, who is Belgian, will portray a French journalist who has a near-death experience.

Damon and Eastwood to Take us to the Hereafter

Being that Clint Eastwood cut his teeth early on in his career acting in old sci-fi and horror flicks, it's only fitting that he return to the genre now that he's in his golden years. Get ready, dear reader, for a trip into the Hereafter.

Eastwood to Enter the Hereafter?

Variety reports tonight that the legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood is in talks with Dreamworks to take on the job of directing a supernatural thriller ominously dubbed Hereafter.