Her Heart Still Beats

Mass Indie Film Fest Hosting Indie Filmmaking Showcase on April 26th

Indie Horror Month may be technically over, but that doesn't mean our coverage of indie films and events is anywhere near done, and if you're either an indie filmmaker or a fan of indie films, then you'll want to attend the Mass Indie Film Fest's upcoming showcase event.

Her Heart Still Beats Set to Debut at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

The first Massachusetts Independent Film Festival is taking place Thursday, December 1st, in Arlington, MA, and one of the highlights is sure to be the debut of Christopher Di Nunzio's new film Her Heart Still Beats hosted by Patricia Films and Creepy Kid Productions, which will be followed by a Q&A. Also screening that night are six other films by some of New England's best independent filmmakers.

Trailer For Poe-inspired Her Heart Still Beats

Adapting any works of Edgar Allan Poe into a film isn't easy. That hasn't stopped filmmakers from trying, however, and as the production of Her Heart Still Beats comes to a close, we'll see if the cast and crew of Creepy Kid Productions have succeeded where so many others have not.