Henry Hobson

Joely Richardson and Arnold Schwarzenegger Get Hitched to Raise Zombie Daughter Maggie

Parental units are crucial to the healthy upbringing of their children. Even when said child is dead. What the hell am I talking about? Read on for the latest details on Maggie.

Maggie - First Image of Arnold Schwarzenegger and More!

Arnold Schwarzenegger hit off his Twitter followers with the first behind-the-scenes still from his zombie flick Maggie, and we have it for you right here. In the photo with Arnie are director Henry Hobson and Abigail Breslin! Dig it!

Abigail Breslin Rots Alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Maggie

The Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie flick Maggie may have found its titular character at last. The one-time Little Miss Sunshine is all grown up and ready to... rot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Help Raise Maggie from the Dead

Arnold Schwarzenegger. During his long career in films he's stopped predators, blasted countless bad guys, beheaded sorcerers, dismantled electronic killing machines from the future, and even shot a rocket at Lucifer himself! What's left for him to tackle? The living dead of course!

Chloe Moretz Dead and Loving it in Maggie

While other actors who gain popularity usually turn their backs on the horror genre considering it "beneath them", Chloe Moretz, (Carrie, Dark Shadows, Let Me In) seems to just revel in it, and we love her for it! And now ... it's time to really play dead!