NYCC: Anchor Bay Unveils The Lament Configuration Box Set

Finally after sifting through hundreds of toys and countless encounters with frightening overweight people dressed up in spandex like their favorite superheroes (seriously, fat Iron Man? WTF?), Nomad and the gang have dug up some horror news that we can sink our teeth into! A better look at the upcoming Hellraiser DVD box set!

Hellraiser Stuffed in its Own Box

Jesus wept! Anchor Bay has announced the imminent release of the Hellraiser Limited Edition Box Set, scheduled to hit stores on April 21, 2009. While the movies are great to have around, the striking thing is the unique packaging; the films are sold within their very own Lament Configuration, the infamous and horrifying box which is capable of summoning the twisted nightmares that are the Cenobites.

Anchor Bay Does New York Comic Con

Pinhead, Ghost in a Shell, and Jason Voorhees might not have much in common on paper; but that’s not stopping Anchor Bay from grouping them all up at their booth at the New York Comic Con. The company is taking this opportunity to announce Blu-ray high definition releases of Hellraiser and Ghost in the Shell, as well as offering Q&A opportunities from producer Don Murphy.

Hellraiser & Ghostbusters Blu-ray Specs!

The freaks over at Upcoming Horror Movies got their hands on the specs for the April 21st release of Hellraiser on Blu-ray, and we thought we’d share ‘em with you. Cause, you know, we care.

Laugier Thrown to the Dogs

Trade magazine Production Weekly has reported that Pascal Laugier is considering signing up to direct a mad canine thriller aptly dubbed Dogs.

Director Talks Martyrs, Hellraiser Remakes

I guess the first bit of news that should be mentioned from AICN’s interview with Martyrs director Pascal Laugier is that an American remake of Martyrs is already in the works. It is, of course, not surprising in the least considering how well received the film has been since its festival debut, but it's a little disappointing nonetheless.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, Kenneth Cranham, Clare Higgins Directed by Tony Randel Distributed by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

Final His Name Was Jason Art, Blu Hellraiser News!

We just got our virutal hands on the final, official, this ain’t gonna change before release date artwork for Anchor Bay’s upcoming release of His Name Was Jason. Ain’t it pretty?

Martyrs Director Officially in Talks for Hellraiser

Well, it’s official; Martyrs helmer Pascal Laugier is in negotiations with Bob & Harvey Weinstein to write and direct the remake of Hellraiser, which you should recall was once in the hands of the French duo behind Inside before their take on the material proved too freaky.

Spooky Empire's Screamfest is this Weekend!

It's that time of the year for Spooky Empire's Screamfest in Orlando, Florida! Kicking off on October 17th, Screamfest will be bringing us the Freak Show Film Festival, vendors galore, a pool party and Hellraiser and Dawn of the Dead reunions! All of this is taking place at the glorious Wyndham hotel with rooms available for as little as $99 a night!

Hell Comes to Rock and Shock! First Guest Announcements!

The official site for one of our favorite conventions on the East Coast, Rock and Shock (we can’t have just one favorite, sorry), just updated with the first confirmed guests for the 2008 show, which goes down October 10th-12th in Worcester, MA.

Barker on Hell, Thief & Gospels

If this were a just universe, studios would buy the movie rights to make an adaptation of Clive Barker’s work and then just step back and let the man do whatever needed to be done to make sure it turned out right. It is not, sadly, so Barker just has to go with the flow, even if it means the two guys who were supposed to remake Hellraiser, two guys he liked a lot, are removed and he has no say as to who does do it.

Hellraiser Remake Writers Official

Though it’s now old news that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will be doing a page one rewrite on the script for the Hellraiser remake, which is still set to be directed by Inside team Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, Variety finally got around to officially announcing it today.

Release Dates, Ratings Galore!

A slew of upcoming horror films have both been given ratings and moved release dates in the last few days. Instead of trying to make sense of it all narratively, I’ve decided to give you all a nice, easy-to-read chronological list! That’s how much I care.

Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

Starring Doug Bradley, Andrew Robinson, Ashley Laurence, Sean Chapman, and Clare Higgins Directed by Clive Barker Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment