Hellgate: London

HellGate Global Events Announced

It has gotten even hotter in HellGate Global as September's full lineup has been announced. Battle against the demons today. Really, do it! Someone has to keep this world safe! Read on to learn more.

Hellgate Global Announces May Event Lineup

T3fun's hit online action RPG Hellgate Global will host a month full of events this May. Players will be introduced to a set of deadly tasks that must be completed to earn spectacular prizes.

March Brings New Challenges For Hellgate Global

Triplepoint's Hellgate Global is offering a great events line-up for March. Hellgate is a free-to-play online action RPG for the PC. The game takes place 27 years in the future where demons have overrun the world. If you wish to participate in this month's events then read on for all the details.

Hellgate Opens on Halloween

We’ve been talking about Hellgate: London for years (A Horror Gaming Flood Is Coming - July 12, 2007). The first person role playing action adventure thingy from Flagship Studios (mostly made up of people that made the Diablo games) has been on the radar for so long I keep forgetting that it didn’t come out ages ago.

A Horror Gaming Flood Is Coming

E3 is well under way, and for us horror fans the news is coming fast and in large amounts. With every big announcement about Halo 3 or Mario comes a bunch of little ones geared towards us, the horror community. Just take a look at all these titles coming for the PC and all three next-gen consoles... Hellgate London