Hellevator Man

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley Signs on as the Hellevator Man; Another Segment Announced

A few weeks ago we brought you the first teaser and poster for Vincent J. Guastini's "The Future Executive" segment of Hellevator Man, and now we're back with lots more news, including who'll be playing the anthology's title character.

The Future Executive Teases Us with a Poster and Trailer

Just a few days ago we brought you a behind-the-scenes look at Vincent J. Guastini's "The Future Executive" segment of the Hellevator Man anthology, and now we're back with its teaser trailer and early artwork.

Go Behind the Scenes of The Future Executive Segment of the Hellevator Man Anthology

We don't know a lot about the anthology Hellevator Man aside from the titles of two of its segments: "It's Hell Getting Old" from Patrick Rea (see more here) and "The Future Executive" from Vincent J. Guastini, which we have an exclusive early look at right here.

First Look at It's Hell Getting Old from Hellevator Man Anthology; First Word on New Feature Mindless

Two forces to be reckoned with have teamed up to bring us our first look at "It's Hell Getting Old," a horror short from director Patrick Rea that will be part of Blanc/Biehn Productions' new elevator-set anthology Hellevator Man.