Hell & Back

Susan Sarandon Speaks with Angels in Hell & Back

It's been a while since last we heard anything regarding the stop-motion animated horror comedy Hell & Back, but whattaya know! Some new casting news has hit the interwebs, and yes, you can dig it right here!

Bob Odenkirk Brings Evil to Hell & Back

The animated horror comedy Hell & Back just got a lot funnier thanks to a new cast member who'll be lending his talents to the whole devilish affair. Read on for the latest.

Mila Kunis Readies Herself for a Trip to Hell & Back

You can now add another name to the ever growing cast list for the upcoming animated horror comedy Hell & Back. The old inferno is about to get a lot hotter. Read on for details.

New Animated Horror Comedy to Take Us to Hell & Back

Weird things can happen purely by accident. You know what we're talking about... pick up a book, read aloud, and boom! plague of locusts. Yeah, that can suck, but you know what sucks more? Accidentally getting dragged to hell.

Nick Swardson And TJ Miller Go to Hell & Back

If you find the prospect of burning eternally in an inferno while being tortured incessantly by demons until every ounce of your humanity is stripped away like vultures picking your eyeballs from your cold dead sockets humorous, man, do we have a project to tell you about!