Heather Wixson

Short Film Debut: Paper Rock, Scissors

One thing we pride ourselves on at Dread Central is how many of our staff members have spread their wings and tried other things besides giving you the best news and review coverage we can. That being said, it's with great pleasure that we debut the first (and supposedly only) directorial effort from our own Heather Wixson, her short film Paper Rock, Scissors.

Paper Rock, Scissors - Dare You Play?

Any time one of our own gets to create something cool is a great day to be a part of the Dread Central family. Our very own Horror Chick, Heather Wixson, is getting set to try her hand at directing with the upcoming horror comedy short Paper Rock, Scissors. Read on for details and teaser art!

SXSW 2011: Dread Central and Lost Zombies Present "Zombies Must Eat" Panel

Dread Central readers, it’s hard to put into words just how amazing and inspiring it has been for this writer to be on hand for the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, over the last several days. It’s been exhausting, challenging, and ultimately one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a reporter.

Dread Central Presents: The Horror Chick's Final Girls

There's nothing finer (and sexier) than that one woman in a movie who outlasts the unthinkable. The chick who stands up to the things that go bump in the night and isn't afraid to get a little red on her! Join us now as we celebrate these lovely ladies without whom horror would be nowhere.

Celebrate Women in Horror Month With Fatally Yours and Dread Central

Here at Dread Central we love our staff. We especially love our female staff who more than hold their own in our little sausage-fest. Actually I think we have the largest number of women working with us of any genre site. Morgan Elektra, Elaine Lamkin, Melissa Bostaph, Debi Moore, Heather Buckley, Crix Lee, Heather Wixson. That's a lot of estrogen, man! Bless their hearts for putting up with our shit!

You're Invited to a Tea Party Macabre

As you may recall, this coming February is "Women in Horror Month", and FEARnet is kicking it off a few days early with the debut episode of its Tea Party Macabre video series. The premise is that they invited some of their favorite women of horror out to tea and let the cameras roll. Included is one of our favorite women in horror, Dread Central's own horrorchick, Heather Wixson.