Heather Dorff

Indie Horror Month 2013: New Trailer Home to LOTS of Intrusive Behavior

No more teasing! The first full trailer for the indie effort Intrusive Behavior has finally arrived, and we have it for you, bad temper and all, right here. Check it out, and look for more on this one really soon!

Bust in on the New Poster for Brian Troxell's Intrusive Behavior

Filming is now complete on Intrusive Behavior, billed as the story of a little girl with a bad temper. If past horror films about angry women are any guide, this could be brutal. Check out the first poster for the movie and its teaser trailer from last summer - a new one will be cut soon.

Anthology Film Urban Legends to Begin Filming in July

The folks at BDHR Entertainment are proud to announce that they're about to begin production on their new three-part anthology film entitled Urban Legends. Read on for the details!

Behind-the-Scenes Stills, Artwork, and Brutal Teaser Trailer Arrive for Inhumane

We see all kinds of movie trailers around here. Psychological thrillers, over-the-top slashers, campy horror-comedies, you name it. And every so often we get one that gets under our skin...that trailer that feels real. Such is the case with the teaser for Inhumane. You feel like you're looking right into the brutal crimes of Corbin Hobbs, and we've got to admit it's more than a little off-putting.

First Official Image and Set Photos - K.M. Jamison's Inhumane

Every since word broke about K.M. Jamison's latest short film Inhumane, we've been wondering just how inhumane the events in the flick would get. Judging from the first stills, we'd say very.

First Still and Sexy New Artwork - What They Say

Sometimes there is no greater horror than that which we harbor inside ourselves. Such is the case with Justin R. Romine's latest indie effort, What They Say. Read on for details! From the Press Release:

First Details and Artwork for K.M. Jamison's Inhumane Short Film

Here we are smack in the middle of "Indie Horror Month", and info on an upcoming independent short film project entitled Inhumane just landed in our inbox. Talk about perfect timing! And they even included some eye candy for us to share along with the plot details. Synopsis: