DVD Release List: June 30, 2009: Scream for the Second Coming of Kaidan and Monster X

Lots of monsters in this week's DVD round-up, but for my money, the pick of the litter has to be Golden Age Ghost Tales with the likes of Boris Karloff, David Niven, and Ronald Reagan starring in seven spine-tingling half-hour ghost stories selected from several top anthology TV series from 1951-1962.

Header & Sick Girl DVD Updates

Though they may take a very, very long time to get the films out there, you really can’t deny that it’s more than worth the wait for anything Synapse Films does these days. Their years-in-the-making DVD of Home Sick is the latest example, and recently president Don May, Jr. talked about two more upcoming releases that I’m sure will prove my point.

Header (2006)

Reviewed by Melissa Bostaph Starring Jake Suffian, Elliot V. Kotek, Melody Garren, Jim Coope, Dick Mullaney Directed by Archibald Flancranstin If you’re looking for a wholesome, feel good horror film with family values and a lesson to be learned, stop right here! If you’re smart, you’ll back away slowly until you’ve made it a safe distance, then turn around, start running, and NEVER look back!