True Blood "Trouble" Post Mortem & Inside the Episode; Promo for "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"

Last night's "True Blood" Episode 29, entitled "Trouble", had me laughing out loud several times from its sheer audacity (here's hoping Franklin sticks around for a few more episodes at least - he's so beautifully deranged). If you enjoyed it as much as we did, come on inside for HBO's Post Mortem and Inside the Episode along with a peek at next week's installment, "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues".

Summaries of True Blood Episodes 31-35 (Spoiler Alert!)

Season Three of Alan Ball's "True Blood" has been hot and heavy and loaded with surprises, and from the synopses released today by HBO for Episodes 31-35, it shows no signs of slowing down in the slightest.

Alan Ball to Point Out All Signs of Death for HBO

With a more than successful run with "Six Feet Under" under his belt and a now blazing hot season of "True Blood" in full swing, it's no wonder that series creator Alan Ball is one of HBO's golden boys. Given that his material has never strayed from, shall we say, the dark side, we love him to pieces as well. Now the man has a third series in the works for the cable giant that looks to get really messy in the best of ways!

True Blood Ep. 28 Post Mortem and Inside the Episode; Ep. 29 Promo

After waiting two full weeks for the follow-up to Bill and Lorena's head-spinning sexcapades, viewers of Episode 28 of "True Blood", entitled "9 Crimes", were rewarded with an action-packed, if slightly more subdued, storyline. Come on inside for HBO's Post Mortem and Inside the Episode along with a peek at next week's installment, "Trouble".

True Blood Season 3 Mythology: Vampires and Shape-Shifters

Still feeling a bit of withdrawal from no new "True Blood" episode this past weekend? HBO feels your pain and has provided two new videos for fans of the show: "Mythological Creatures: Shape-Shifters" and "Mythological Creatures: Vampires".

True Blood Ep. 27 Post Mortem & Inside the Episode and Ep. 28 Promo

Those of us here at Dread Central who watched last night's episode of "True Blood" entitled "It Hurts Me Too" are still reeling from the closing few moments. Thankfully we have a Post Mortem that focuses on Alcide as we don't even want to think anymore about what's got Bill so twisted up! But if you do, we also have "The Weight of the World", which explores some of the themes uncovered in the ep.

True Blood Bingo and a Clip from Episode 27

"True Blood" fans are already bemoaning the fact that we'll be "Blood"-less on July 4th -- all the more reason to check out a clip from this week's Episode 27, "It Hurts Me Too", and play a little Bingo courtesy of a very loyal supporter of the show.

True Blood Season Three Promo Posters Collection Now Available

In the weeks leading up to the Season Three debut of "True Blood", HBO pulled out all the stops with 12 very cool promo posters, and now they've combined them all into one collection poster that's available from the HBO Shop.

Drink Up, Fans! True Blood to be Back for Fourth Season

I don't know what's better -- the fact that "True Blood" Season Three is already kicking ass or reading comments online from enraged Twilight fans about how the show is too sleazy, too violent, and relies too heavily on sex, sex, sex. The latter does make me grin from ear-to-ear. Hopefully the following news will serve to stoke their tweener based shiny vampire fury!

More True Blood Season Three Episode Descriptions

Season Three of Alan Ball's "True Blood" is off and running, and with one episode down, HBO is starting to release a bit more information on what we can expect down the road, including fairly in-depth synopses for Episodes 4-6 (aka 28-30), which air July 11th, 18th, and 25th, respectively.

Two Clips from True Blood Ep. 26 Beautifully Broken

This Sunday we'll be meeting several of the new characters added to "True Blood" Season 3, but first how about a couple of clips from the episode entitled "Beautifully Broken" featuring some of our old favorites?

True Blood: Watch Snoop Dogg's Oh Sookie Tribute Video

Here's something fun -- art imitates art as Snoop Dogg debuts a brand new music video entitled "Oh Sookie" set in Bon Temps and featuring characters from "True Blood".

True Blood Leads the Pack in Ratings for Cable

In what's surely no surprise to anyone who is a fan of the series, the Season 3 premiere of Alan Ball's "True Blood" towered over its cable competition last Sunday night with 5.1 million viewers, a 38 percent increase over the show's Season 2 debut.

True Blood Ep. 25 Extras: Inside the Episode with Alan Ball, Postmortem

Did everyone watch last night's return of "True Blood" on HBO? They definitely hit the ground running, and fans of the men on the show certainly got their fill of eye candy. But what else transpired? Check out two new videos, "Inside the Episode" and "Postmortem - Full Moon Rising", to find out!

Final True Blood Season 3 Promo Poster Revealed

There are just a few hours remaining until the Season Three premiere of "True Blood", and HBO has revealed its 12th and final promo poster, which ties in perfectly with the show's marketing campaign theme that "Waiting Sucks".