True Blood Not Getting Staked by HBO? A Movie On its Way?

For the better part of a year we were all pretty much under the impression that HBO's vampire series "True Blood" was getting ready to meet the true death (which for our money it did in Season 3). But alas... the suckage just might be continuing on the big screen.

True Blood Star Leaves Production; Role Being Recast

"True Blood" used to be a must-see show in its early seasons, but now it's moderately entertaining at best. Sure, that's just my opinion, but I really couldn't blame any of the cast members for leaving at this point. Especially over the direction of their characters.

First True Blood Season 7 Casting News: Brett Lorenzini to Appear in Premiere

The first bit of casting news for "True Blood" Season 7 has arrived, and while details are scarce, we expect to be hearing lots more about the show's final season in the new year so stay tuned!

Someone's Getting a New Love Interest in True Blood Season 7

One of "True Blood's" fan favorite characters is getting a new love interest in the show's final season, and we have the details on who it is and whether they're of the human or vamp persuasion.

Drama Centering on Salem Witch Trials Headed to HBO

2013 has been a pretty big year for witches with both Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem and "American Horror Story: Coven" delving into the land of broomsticks and evil spells. Today we learned that HBO will soon be getting in on the fun. Find all the bewitching details here!

Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood Season 7

The ten-episode Season 7 will be "True Blood's" last, and series star Stephen Moyer recently chatted with TVLine about what's ahead for fans, if Bill and Sookie are the endgame, how he feels about the show ending, and more.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Steve Newlin's Field Guide to Vampires! In LA? Attend a Signing on November 18!

Back in July we learned about "True Blood" companion book Steve Newlin’s Field Guide to Vampires (And Other Creatures of Satan), and now that it's been released, we have a few copies to give away along with news of a signing!

Tara's Mom, Adina Porter, Plays a Bigger Part in True Blood's Final Season

The first bit of news for the final season of HBO's vampire-themed series "True Blood" is that per THR, Adina Porter, who plays Tara's mother, Lettie Mae Thornton, will be a new regular on the show.

Ron Howard Reveals Dark Tower Adaptation Is Still in the Works

It's been a few years now that we've been hearing rumors about Ron Howard's adaptation of the Stephen King series The Dark Tower, a project that has been on-again, off-again so many times that we're not even sure what's happening with it anymore.

HBO Not Renewing True Blood Beyond Season 7

After celebrating all the hard workers in Bon Temps with a special Labor Day-themed video yesterday, HBO followed that up today by putting several of its own employees out of work by announcing Season 7 of "True Blood" will be the show's last.

Close Out Labor Day 2013 with this #WorkSucks Video from True Blood

With a playful spin on its usual #WaitingSucks promo campaign for when "True Blood" is between seasons, HBO put together a #WorkSucks video of clips from the show that celebrates the working force of Bon Temps. Here it is from us and them - hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day!

HBO Commits to a Pilot for an Adaptation of 1970's Classic Westworld

As someone who grew up in the 1970's, few movies stand out in my mind as much as Westworld, written and directed by Michael Crichton; and I'm apparently not alone as HBO, in one of its biggest commitments ever, is producing a pilot for a new series inspired by the film.

Take a Look Inside the True Blood Season 6 Finale Episode 6.10 - Radioactive

Season 6 of "True Blood" is now a wrap, and while the season was shorter than usual, it was definitely the sweetest one we've gotten in a few years. Before we say good-bye, here's one last look inside the finale Episode 6.10, "Radioactive."

Get a Pleasant Surprise from this Pair of Clips from the True Blood Season 6 Finale Episode 6.10 - Radioactive

On Sunday night Season 6 of "True Blood" comes to a close, and unlike the past few years, we're actually sad to see it go. But all good things must end so here are a couple of sneak peeks from Episode 6.10, "Radioactive," to get you ready for the finale.

Preview of the True Blood Season 6 Finale Episode 6.10 - Radioactive; a Look Inside Episode 6.09 - Life Matters

An overall solid (if you ignore the werewolf stuff) sixth season of "True Blood" comes to an end next Sunday, and here's a preview of Episode 6.10, "Radioactive," along with a look inside the "final farewells" of tonight's Episode 6.09, "Life Matters."