A Short but Sweet Update on The Dark Tower from Ron Howard

A bit of time has passed since our last update on the struggling adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga, but fans shouldn't give up just yet as director Ron Howard has provided a brief update via Twitter.

True Blood Season Four Continues to Suck on Home Video

Missed out on every excruciating moment of HBO's "True Blood" Season Four? In the mood to try and unravel plot lines that go nowhere while wading through several meaningless characters who add nothing but confusion and filler to the experience? Good! Then you're about to be very happy!

Alan Ball Leaving True Blood as Head Writer

Well, here's some news we can't say we weren't expecting given the degenerative state of quality storytelling on HBO's "True Blood". The driving force behind the show is ready to put down his pen.

True Blood's Vampire Authority Expands by Two

With the recent casting of Chris Meloni and Peter Mensah as part of the new Vampire Authority on HBO's "True Blood", we've been wondering who would be filling out the rest of the Authority's seats, and today we learned of two more members. Read on for the details.

Spartacus Star Peter Mensah Joining True Blood in Recurring Role

Peter Mensah, who appeared as two different characters in "Spartacus: Vengeance" and "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena", is now heading to Bon Temps in a recurring role on HBO's "True Blood".

First Look at True Blood Season Five Crawls Out of the Grave

Man, is it that time of the year already? Thankfully we have another few months to heal from the lameness that was Season Four of HBO's vampire opus "True Blood." Can Season Five get things back on track? We can only hope.

True Blood Cast Expands Again with Giles Matthey as the Fairy Claude

More casting news is coming in for HBO's "True Blood" Season 5, this time in the fairy category, as newcomer Giles Matthey has landed the multi-episode role of Claude, a hot and mysterious British fairy.

New Vampire Ready to Put the Bite on in HBO's True Blood; Ryan Kwanten Promises More Controversy in Season Five

If you're going to cast a new vampire on the HBO series "True Blood", why not pick a guy who's played the ancient Volturi vamp Marcus in three of the Twilight movies - New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and the upcoming Part 2 - as well as a creepy Swede in "Hell on Wheels" and a demon in an arc on the CW’s "Supernatural"? Makes sense to us.

True Blood Wants to Make Sure Your New Year Sucks

With a tagline of "If your holidays didn't suck, then your New Year will,", HBO is running an encore presentation of "True Blood" Season 4 starting Thursday, December 29th, through Saturday, December 31st. As you might have guessed, they put together a promo video for the event. Check it out!

Confirmed - Chris Meloni to Join HBO's True Blood

A couple of weeks ago we reported that the always good Chris Meloni was in talks to join the hit HBO vampire series "True Blood", and lo and behold the official word has finally come. Hopefully his addition will be something more than just another character with another plotline to have to keep up with.

Game of Thrones Blu-ray/DVD Release Date, Artwork, and Specs

The last time we did a story about HBO's amazing "Game of Thrones" series joining forces with Dark Horse for a new product line that's set to debut in the spring of 2012, all you guys seemed to care about was when you can get your hands on the Blu-ray box set. Well, the answer has come!

Chris Meloni in Talks to Join HBO's True Blood

Ever since "Oz" went off the air, we've been missing seeing actor Chris Meloni. Sure, he was in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" for years and years, but something was lacking ... nudity! No one does it better than Meloni! Which is why this latest news that he's being courted for a role in "True Blood" has us so excited.

Two More Werewolves Join the Pack for True Blood Season 5

And the "True Blood" werewolf pack has grown by another two members as both Kelly Overton (The Ring Two) and Louis Herthum (The Last Exorcism) have landed major recurring roles on HBO's popular series. Overton will appear in six episodes while Herthum is confirmed for five with both having series regular options for the next season.

Another True Blood Casting Update: Valentina Cervi Joins the Fray

We're still several months away from the summer, 2012 return of "True Blood" on HBO, and even though we're pretty sure we're not alone in thinking a major problem with the show lately has been its bloated cast, news of new guest stars/recurring characters for Season 5 has been coming in fast and furious. The latest? Italian Italian actress Valentina Cervi.

HBO and Dark Horse Announce Game of Thrones Merchandise Partnership

We've been on the fence as far as covering the wildly popular "Game of Thrones", just mentioning the show here and there as it's seemed appropriate, but this latest news to cross our desk is just too cool to ignore: Dark Horse Deluxe is partnering with HBO on a vast "Game of Thrones" product line debuting in the spring of 2012, leading up to the show’s second season premiere in April. Read on for the details!