Take a Look at Season 5 of True Blood via 20 New Photos & Vampyre Tease Video!

We've given "True Blood" a ton of shit for too many guest stars and subplots, but the roster of Season 5's "recurrings" is a lot to look forward to. See Chris Meloni, Peter Mensah, Christopher Heyerdahl, Scott Foley, and more in these stills and new promo video HBO has released.

First Look at Scott Foley in True Blood Season 5

At the end of Season 4 of HBO's "True Blood", the 1,006th character whom we have to try and keep track of was introduced. It was Scott Foley as Patrick, Terry's (Todd Lowe) old war vet buddy. Not much was known of him, but TVLine got the scoop along with some images from the forthcoming season.

Shed a Tear for Latest True Blood Artwork

Some snazzy new artwork has been released by HBO in promotion of the next season of their hit (or miss) vampire show "True Blood". Check it out and bring a tissue. It's likely to make you all weepy.

Chillerama, Wrong Turn 4, True Blood, The Walking Dead, and More Win 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards

Back in March the nominees were announced for the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards, and now the winners have been named. We're happy to report there are lots of horror projects among them so read on for the details!

First Look at Lucy Griffiths in True Blood as Centuries-Old Vampire Nora

We already knew that the probably too numerous to count new characters to appear in the upcoming Season 5 of "True Blood" include a "sister" for Eric, to be played by Lucy Griffiths, and now we have our first look at her as "Nora".

Waiting Sucks for Eric and Pam in Latest True Blood Season 5 Promo

We have just a little over a month to wait before "True Blood" returns to HBO, and this latest "Waiting Sucks" promo video featuring two of our favorite characters - Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) - reminds us of when the show was in its prime.

Waiting Sucks for Sam and Luna in New True Blood Promo

One of the storylines we're hoping to see more of on this season of HBO's "True Blood" is that of star-crossed shapeshifting lovers Sam and Luna, portrayed by Sam Trammell and Janina Gavankar, who are front and center in this latest teaser video for the show.

Another Waiting Sucks Promo for True Blood Season 5

It's Sunday night, which means HBO has released a new promo for Season 5 of "True Blood", and this one - another "waiting sucks" themed video - features the characters of Terry (Todd Lowe) and Patrick (Scott Foley). Once again we have both the short and extended HBO GO versions.

Even Vamps Make Mistakes in New True Blood Season 5 Promo

Another new promo has arrived for the upcoming Season 5 of "True Blood" on HBO, and this one highlights, in a most entertaining fashion, the mistakes vamps make.

New True Blood Season 5 Promo Reminds Us Waiting Sucks

Another new promo has arrived for Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood", and this one is a bit nostalgic as it reminds us all just how much waiting sucks. Check it out - we have both the short version and the extended HBO GO version right here!

Make a Date with the Premiere of True Blood Season 5

Alrighty, kids! We finally have a date set for when HBO's supernatural series "True Blood" will attempt to get back on track after a horrendous fourth season. Bust out your calendars and read on!

First Trailer and Artwork for True Blood Season 5 Put the Bite On!

Okay, fellow fangbangers, your first real look at the upcoming fifth season of the hit HBO vampire series "True Blood" is finally here, and we're hoping that when the show premieres this summer it'll wash away the foul stench of the truly lackluster fourth season.

New True Blood Season 5 Teasers Offer Echoes of the Past

While most of us are looking ahead to Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood", this trio of teasers that were recently released opt instead to look back at some "Echoes of the Past".

Another True Blood Cast Member Announced!

Another day, another character to float aimlessly amongst an already crowded sea of faces who go nowhere and ultimately end up doing nothing but acting as filler amongst the 400 dangling plot lines. Yep, it's more casting news for "True Blood".

IDW Launching Ongoing Monthly True Blood Comic Series in May

While we started out loving HBO's "True Blood", the show has been on a bit of a downward spiral. Which is why we're completely stoked to see that IDW Publishing is turning its comics miniseries into a monthly True Blood series beginning in May.