First 2 Synopses for True Blood Season 7

The final season of "True Blood" will be arriving soon and those sneaky bastards over at Spoiler TV just posted the synopses for the first two episodes! Read on if you're in the market for some spoilers or just hang tight and let it all unfold unnaturally.

True Blood Superfan Creates Incredible Posters

The final season of "True Blood" is speeding at us and HBO has been releasing a steady stream of goodies for you fangbangers out there. Fan and artist Emre Unayli decided to throw his hat in the ring and pay homage to the characters he's come to love. Check 'em out!

New True Blood Poster Sheds a Tear for the End

The final season of "True Blood" is thankfully on the horizon, and we're hoping that it goes out strong, finally figures out something to do with Jason, doesn't introduce new characters that serve no purpose, and finally ties up its 19,000 dangling storylines. In the interim here's a new poster.

It's the Last Call for Five More True Blood Season 7 Posters

All good things must come to end, and so must that very "bad thing" known as "True Blood." Here to remind us that there's no such thing as forever - and that the end is near - are five new Season 7 posters for HBO's waning flagship series.

First True Blood Season 7 Artwork Reminds Us that Goodbyes Suck

After debuting the first official full-length trailer for "True Blood" Season 7 just a few days ago, HBO has now let loose with some artwork that reminds us goodbyes suck. Be sure to pay your last respects when the show's final episodes begin airing on June 22nd.

There's Nowhere to Run from this New True Blood Season 7 Trailer

The past catches up with the present in this new official trailer for "True Blood" Season 7, which features a bit of a recap as to how we got to where we are now along with some footage of the upcoming season we haven't seen yet. Look for the premiere in just about a month.

First Set of Images from True Blood Season 7

Looking forward to the end of HBO's vampire series "True Blood?" Given that over the years it's just been getting sillier and sillier, we sure are. Hopefully things will go out on a much needed high note. In any event... here's the first set of images from the upcoming televised swan song!

Get Ambushed by Another Teaser for True Blood Season 7

The first teaser for "True Blood" Season 7 was set in a graveyard, appropriate given that it will be the series' swan song. From the clips shown in this latest promo, HBO appears to be pulling out all the stops to ensure it ends with a bang rather than a whimper.

First Teaser for True Blood Season 7; Premiere Date Announced

Excited for the 7th season of HBO's "True Blood?" Well then, this one is for you! On tap right now is the first video teaser for the show, and HBO, bless their hearts, have finally offered up the premiere date for "True Blood,” which begins its final ten-episode run on Sunday, June 22, at 9PM.

Next Season of True Detective to Focus on the Occult

HBO's "True Detective" flirted with being a horror-themed show all season, and one can argue that that's exactly what it was. One thing is certain... last night's season finale would have even the most jaded of Texas Chain Saw Massacre fans drooling. Now, for Season 2, things may be getting a whole lot darker.

Tara Buck to Serve Up Drinks as a Regular in True Blood Season 7

After six seasons, everyone's favorite barmaid, Tara Buck's Ginger on "True Blood," is going from a recurring player to a series regular for the show's seventh and final season.

Riley Smith Smitten With True Blood

Another fresh face has joined the cast of the HBO Shirtless-a-Thon known as "True Blood," and we have the scoop right here for you. That is, if you still care. You do still care, don't you? We kinda checked out two seasons ago.

True Blood Replacement Star Named!

A while back we told you that the role of Jessica's new vampy love interest on "True Blood," originally played by Luke Grimes, was being recast, and today we have the name of the actor who's filling the vacant spot. If we didn't know it was a different guy, without looking at them together we wouldn't even have noticed.

HBO Responds to Possible True Blood Movie Rumor

A couple of days ago "True Blood" star Stephen Moyer insinuated that there may be a True Blood movie in the cards. Once word of that started rumbling, we knew that it wouldn't be long until HBO addressed the rumor. Read on for details.

True Blood Not Getting Staked by HBO? A Movie On its Way?

For the better part of a year we were all pretty much under the impression that HBO's vampire series "True Blood" was getting ready to meet the true death (which for our money it did in Season 3). But alas... the suckage just might be continuing on the big screen.