Haunted Attraction

Haunted Attraction Preview: Jon Braver Talks Delusion: Masque of Mortality

Last year we called it “the most entertaining, engaging, inventive, creepy, and downright fun live-action horror experience [we’ve] ever had.” This past week we took a walk-through of the 2013 iteration, Delusion: Masque of Mortality, and we’re hopeful for more of the same. Read on!

Exclusive Haunted Attraction Preview: Candice Catron Talks Haunted Hollywood Sports

Last year we described it as an "intensely unique experience," and this year Haunted Hollywood Sports, home of the first walk-through "Zombie Killhouse," returns in October for ten nights of interactive, adrenaline-fueled terror.

Exclusive Haunted Attraction Preview: Josh Randall Talks Blackout:elements

It’s been described as a cross between "Fear Factor" and Saw, a live, interactive theater experience so extreme one must not only be over 18 years of age but also sign a waiver and be granted a "safe word" in order to participate.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Two Tickets to Knott's Scary Farm

Opening night at Knott's Scary Farm is just a few weeks away. On September 26th, the fog will roll into the Calico Ghost Town and bring with it terrifying creatures and ghoulish delights. Sound like fun? Cool! We have your chance for you and a friend to go... ON US!

Knott's Scary Farm Unveils its Plans for the 2013 Halloween Season

While we'll be there to provide you in-depth coverage of Knott's Scary Farm's opening night on September 26th (including the reception, a chat with the legendary Elvira, full maze and show reviews, and more), here's early word on what park visitors can expect this Halloween season!

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Announces El Cucuy: The Boogeyman

Astutely tapping into the cultural diversity of Los Angeles as they did with their previous years’ “La Llorona” mazes, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights has announced “El Cucuy: The Boogeyman” is joining their top-notch seasonal haunt.

Blackout Haunted House Ratchets Up This Year's Fear with Blackout:elements

For the past five years the Blackout haunted house has been terrifying audiences and making quite the impression on the haunted attraction scene. This year they promise to make past years' attractions look like child's play with the launch of a brand new experience in terror - Blackout:elements.

Halloween Horror Nights Remixing the Classic Monsters

Yes, there's plenty of insanely cool things happening at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights what with the announcement of haunted attractions based on The Purge, Insidious, hell, even Black Sabbath, but sometimes you gotta remember the classics!

California's Dark Harbor Haunted Attraction Adds Big Top Freak Show!

I can think of no better location for a haunted attraction than the Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner in Long Beach, California, that has been dubbed one of the 10 most haunted places in America.

Halloween Horror Nights Adds The Purge and Curse of Chucky to This Year's Line-Up of Attractions!

This year's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is quickly becoming the must-attend event of the year, with previously announced attractions based on "The Walking Dead", Insidious, Cabin in the Woods and the Evil Dead remake.

Open Casting Call Now Live for Haunted Attraction Delusion: Chapter 3

As a die-hard haunted attraction junkie, I've attested many times that the most incredible experienced I've ever had was at stuntman Jon Braver's Delusion, now entering its third year in Southern California.

Exclusive: Fright Dome and Fortress Features Bringing The Collector to Las Vegas!

Our enthusiasm for the upcoming Halloween haunt season just spiked a bit more with the announcement that director Marcus Dunstan and Fortress Features have teamed with Las Vegas' Fright Dome to deliver attractions based on Dunstan's grisly flicks The Collector and The Collection.

Alien to Become a Theme Park Attraction in Malaysia

Oh, what we wouldn't give for a haunted attraction based on the 20th Century Fox Alien franchise. I mean, really. The possibilities are friggin' endless, man. Still, one is soon to exist, but damn is it far away. Time to make travel plans.

Eli Roth on the State of the Goretorium in Vegas

There's been a lot of talk today about Eli Roth's haunted attraction in Vegas, The Goretorium, being in financial trouble, etc., so rather than report on hypothesis, we figured we'd just go straight to Eli for a statement. See how easy that was?

UPDATED: You Heard it Here First! Sinister Pointe's Spirit Lounge to Debut this Fall!

Man cannot live on bread alone. It's true. And thanks to the folks at Sinister Pointe, man won't have to… because their upcoming venture, Spirit Lounge, will have plenty of hooch and grub to go around when it launches this fall in Brea, CA. Read on!