Hatchet II Pulled from Theatres in Canada / New 30-Second Spot

Unfortunate news today for our friends in the Great White North ... Adam Green's Hatchet II has been pulled from theatres. Sucks, yes, and even more of a reason why change is so important pertaining to the way things are done. Adam Green, posted the following message in his Twitter account:

Support Unrated Horror! See Hatchet II This Weekend On US!

For the past several weeks we've been talking about why you should go see Hatchet II this weekend. We've even asked that if it's not playing by you to support it anyway by going online and buying a ticket to send a message to Hollywood and the MPAA that there IS a market for unrated horror. Now we're putting OUR money where our mouths are!

Hatchet II Central: Call To Arms, Review, Interviews, and More

Horror fans, you've asked for a movie that doesn't shy away from the blood, guts and gore; and Hatchet II delivers that and more. Adam Green and Dark Sky Films, in association with AMC Theaters, are opening Hatchet II unrated rather than cutting out the good stuff to please the MPAA. So will you listen to the call to arms and support unrated horror?

Hatchet II, Unrated Horror, and YOUR CHANCE to CHANGE the Rules

We've all been there. Come with me back to 1988. Sitting in a darkened theatre waiting for Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood to begin. There was lots of butchering that went on in this film, but it wasn't Jason doing it. Fast forward to Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Throats get slit but don't bleed. Heads get knocked off dry and clean. Was it Mr.

Hatchet II Director and Cast Members to Appear at Showings Nationwide

As if anyone needs more incentive to see Hatchet II on its opening weekend besides it being UNRATED, how about the opportunity to watch it with either the director, Adam Green, or one of its stars? If you live in or around New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, or Orlando, that opportunity is yours courtesy of Dark Sky Films! Here are the details:

New NSFW Clip from Hatchet II Gets The Blood Pumping ... Among Other Things!

A new NOT SAFE FOR WORK clip from Adam Green's Hatchet II has thrust itself online featuring two of the film's stars A.J. Bowen and Alexis Peters ... well um ... see for yourself. Alone. In a dark room. Probably with a box of tissues.

Alexis Peters Talks Hatchet II

It’s hard to believe that the US premiere for Adam Green’s Hatchet II is only about a week away, and while we’ve had the opportunity here at Dread Central to hear from some of the key players in the project (including Green, AJ Bowen, and Tom Holland), we’re ready to introduce you to Alexis Peters, the up-and-coming actress who portrays Avery in the sequel.

Hatchet II Gets Nationwide Midnight Showings

The momentum for Adam Green's Hatchet II is growing by the second, and word has just come down that AMC theatres will debut the film by offering a host of midnight showings! From the Press Release

New Hatchet II Red Band Trailer

Finally, the red band teaser for Adam Green's Hatchet II is here, and if this doesn't get your blood pumping, you're probably already dead. Seriously. Holy shit.

Several More Clips from Hatchet II

Several more clips for Adam Green's highly anticipated Hatchet II have jumped online, and we have every second of them for you right here ... right now!

Hatchet II: Unrated - First Wave of AMC Theatres Announced!

Get out your grinders and let the sharpening begin! Over on the Fandango website you'll find the first wave of AMC theatres that will be showing Adam Green's Hatchet II unrated ... the way it's supposed to be seen! This is NOT the final list! Expect more theatres to be added soon!

In LA on September 28th? Then Hurry and Get Your Hatchet II PremiereTickets NOW!

This just in! Adam Green's Hatchet II will be having its premiere on September 28th at the Egyptian Theater in LA, and we've been informed that the Egyptian has just released a select number of tickets for sale online to the general public so that FANS and not just Hollywood insiders can actually attend this special screening!

New Hatchet II One-Sheet Makes a Splash!

An all new one-sheet for Adam Green's highly anticipated slasher flick Hatchet II has reared its head with echoes of the mighty Excalibur!

First Ever Knock-Down Drag-Out Hatchet II Clip!

The time has come for your first look at the freight train of terror that is Victor Crowley causing the kind of mayhem that only he can. Strap in, kids, and stay out of the swamp!

Hatchet & Frozen Blu-ray/DVD Signing with Adam Green, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers & More!

On Friday, September 17th, at Dark Delicacies Bookstore, meet Frozen stars Shawn Ashmore and Kevin Zegers, writer/director Adam Green, along with some other cast and crew from that film as well as Green's popular slasher flick Hatchet.