Hatchet 3

Mary Beth Uber-Pissed in New Hatchet III Clip

Another clip from Hatchet III has made its way online, this one featuring a very pissed off Mary Beth and company venturing into Honey Island swamp to confront Victor Crowley and finally end him. Dig it!

First Hatchet III Clip Starts with a Splat

The coolest thing about the first two Hatchet films is that you can watch them right after each other, and it's like watching one long movie as Hatchet II begins seconds after the original ended. Hatchet III is no different. Check out this latest clip.

New Hatchet III Images Go Heavy on the Gore

A trunkload of new images from Hatchet III found their way onto our desks, and we're still cleaning up all the blood that they left behind. Check 'em out right now. But you may wanna lay down some plastic first!

Raven Banner Swoops in on Hatchet III; Flies Back to Canada with Distro Rights

When it comes to Hatchet III, our friends up north will not be left out in the cold as Raven Banner Entertainment has picked up distribution rights to the latest bloodbath. The film will be released theatrically through its Sinister Cinema series with partners Cineplex Entertainment.

Fiery Official Hatchet III One-Sheet Arrives

And here it is, kids! The official one-sheet for Hatchet III. And we love it. Just love it! Check it out for yourselves. I'm guessing the entire Hatchet Army will be rocking some new computer wallpaper today!

Adam Green Adds More Items to Boston Charity Fundraiser Auction

Adam Green is prepared to go the extra mile and then some to make sure that as much money is raised for the One Fund Boston as possible. That being said, he's put some really cool things up for auction, several of which are completely one-of-a-kind. Check it out!

Hatchet III and Holliston Creator Adam Green Raising Money for Boston with Special Event

Knowing Adam Green as well as I do, I can tell you first-hand that the only thing bigger than his ambition is his heart. In light of the recent tragic events in Boston, Green is heading home with an agenda that you will WANT to be a part of!

Over a Dozen Screen Grabs from the New Hatchet III Trailer

With the official trailer for Hatchet III finally arriving, we took a few minutes to capture some of its more memorable moments. Check out these stills, and look for more from the flick as we get it!

NSFW Red Band Trailer for Hatchet III Hits the Internet with a Splat!

The time for teasing is over as the official full-length red band trailer for Hatchet III has arrived, and it's brimming with gooey red stuff, fire power, and everyone's favorite power tool-wielding swamp ghost! Check it out!

Badass New Hatchet III Teaser Poster!

Ya see, now this? This we like! In anticipation of the Hatchet III panel at this weekend's Monsterpalooza, Dark Sky Films has released a new teaser poster for the flick and it friggin' rules. Dig it!

Hatchet III in Theatres This June! First Teaser Trailer Arrives!

You've waited patiently to enter the swamp for a third time, and now you're gonna be rewarded big time! Read on for the release details as well as the first teaser trailer for the long awaited Hatchet III.

Bootlegged First Clip from Hatchet III Slices its way Online

With FEARnet showing a host of Adam Green films today, the network also managed to sneak in the very first clip from Hatchet III, which a DC reader bootlegged and sent in. Dig it and look for the high-res version soon!

Adam Green Talks Holliston, Hatchet III, Killer Pizza and more!

It seems like just yesterday that Adam Green's artful use of Internet marketing heralded the arrival of Hatchet, its mock trailer offering the promise of a back-to-basics slasher trumpeted as the return of 'old school American horror' with some of the genre's most respected icons.

A Halloween Treat from Dark Sky Films: The First Photos from Hatchet III

No tricks here... just treats as right in time for Halloween, Dark Sky Films reveals the first photos from Adam Green's Hatchet III, directed by BJ McDonnell.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Kane Hodder and Zach Galligan Talk Hatchet III

And our Hatchet III coverage continues. Next on tap are Zach Galligan and Victor Crowley himself, Kane Hodder. Raise those hatchets high, kids. Things are sounding like we are in for a good old fashioned blood bath!