Hatchet 3

Hatchet III (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan, Caroline Williams, Derek Mears, Robert Diago DoQui

Victor Crowley's Most Gruesome Kills - The Best and the Bloodiest!

Okay, kids! Hatchet III (review) is available on DVD and Blu-ray RIGHT NOW so we figured what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than to relive Victor Crowley's greatest moments? And, of course, by greatest we mean bloodiest, goriest and most heinous!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Hatchet III on Blu-ray!

Hatchet III is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD, and we have your shot to score yourself a copy on us. That's right! On us! We're not cheapskates like the other pricks you deal with on a daily basis.

Hatchet III Carves its Way to Blu-ray and DVD

Hatchet III is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD, and right now we have a look at the artwork and specs for you. Check out the goods, and get those pre-orders in so you do not miss a single BLOODY second!

Exclusive: Zach Galligan Talks Hatchet III

Co-starring in BJ McDonnell’s first directorial effort as a Southern sheriff in way over his head, Zach Galligan has seen almost everything throughout his career. But he’s never seen mosquitoes quite as big as the ones swarming across the swamplands down in Louisiana on the set of Hatchet III.

Official Hatchet III Image Gallery Crawls Out of the Swamp

In case you're unaware, Hatchet III is playing in select theatres now and is also available on VOD so do yourselves a favor and check it out. Need some more incentive? How about over two dozen images?

Shocking Exclusive Clip from Hatchet III

The wait is over, Hatchet Army! This latest entry in the Hatchet franchise, Hatchet III, is now in select theatres and available on VOD. To celebrate its arrival, we have an exclusive and bloody clip for you right here! Dig it!

Exclusive: Danielle Harris Talks Hatchet III and Among Friends

Danielle Harris has been on the scene for quite some time, working steady in the film industry from an early age. Learning from Hollywood notables like Tony Scott when she was in her teens, she’s now sort of become horror’s new go-to gal, working with Rob Zombie, Jim Mickle, and Adam Green to name a few.

New Hatchet III Clip Is the Sure-Fire Cure for a Nagging Headache

Have the kind of headache that makes you just wanna fall over and die? You don't need any aspirin, Advil, or some good old fashioned peace and quiet. You need Victor Crowley. This latest Hatchet III clip proves that to be a fact!

Dread Central Takes YOU to the Hatchet III Premiere

Fans lined up for hours! Horror celebrities! A jam-packed red carpet! Screaming! Laughing! Crying! Yep, it all went down at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood last night as Hatchet III made its premiere, and we have DOZENS of images from the event for you!

Which of Our Dueling Hatchet III Reviews Will You Agree With?

Hatchet III had its premiere earlier this week, and Uncle Creepy has filed his review for the film. Drew Tinnin saw it as well and, as often happens around here, has a somewhat different opinion.

Hatchet III (2013)

Starring Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Caroline Williams, Zach Galligan Directed by BJ McDonnell

Hatchet III (2013)

Starring Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Caroline Williams, Zach Galligan Directed by BJ McDonnell

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Hatchet III Prize Package

With Hatchet III getting a limited theatrical run beginning June 14th, we have your chance to get geared up for your long awaited return to the bloodied waters of Honey Island Swamp. Read on for prizing and details.

Hatchet III - A New Clip Comes Home

Here's thing... if you're brave enough to go into Honey Island Swamp with the intention of walking right up to Victor Crowley's house and knocking on the door... well.... maybe.... maybe you just shouldn't! Dig this new clip!