Harry Potter

Exclusive Interview: Warwick Davis Reflects on Leprechaun Franchise, Harry Potter and More

Just when you thought it was safe to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Lionsgate is unleashing a trio of cult classics that'll have you thinking twice about stealing any mysterious pots of gold you may find.

Troll Remake Looking for its Potter

Even though it’s been a while since we've heard anything about John Carl Buechler’s remake of his own 1986 film, Troll, that doesn’t mean the project is dead in the water. Indeed, casting is now in full swing and the search for Harry Potter, Jr. has begun!

More Troll Redux Details

I’m sorry, I love the man’s work as much as the next guy, but how did John Carl Buechler manage to get the kind of budget to remake his 1986 film Troll on the scale of The Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia?

Now They're Remaking Troll?

I believe if you check the "movies in need of a remake" meter you will find Troll sandwiched rather low down the scale somewhere between Eddie Macon's Run and Ratboy. But Bloody Disgusting is reporting an exclusive - a remake of the Charles Band-produced/John Carl Buechler-directed 1986 campy horror flick Troll is in the works.