Get Torahfied by a New Hanukkah Teaser

Who needs a solo-day occasion like Christmas for a horror fix when you can have eight crazy nights of absolute terror? That's exactly what's on tap in Eben McGarr's new holiday-themed slasher flick Hanukkah, and we have a teaser for it right here! Dig it!

New Hanukkah Teaser One-Sheet Chills While Jason Kills

We told you about filmmaker Eben McGarr's upcoming horror comedy Hanukkah back in the early summer and showed you two hilarious one-sheets for the film. Just in time to burn those oils, Eben's back with a new teaser guaranteed to make you giggle maniacally.

Hanukkah Horrors on the Way!

For decades Christmas has been hoggin' the spotlight when it comes to holiday themed horror movies. Filmmaker Eben McGarr (House of the Wolf Man, Sick Girl) is out to change all of that with his new flick Hanukkah. Hold on tight to your Torahs! Synopsis