Image Gallery and Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.13 - Savoureux

Ready for some deliciousness? We hope so because that's what NBC is promising we'll find in next week's season finale Episode 1.13 of "Hannibal," entitled "Savoureux." What? You thought you'd have dessert already? Not until next season at least!

Image Gallery and Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.12 - Relevés

Now that the pressure of waiting to see if NBC would renew "Hannibal" is over, we can relax and really enjoy the final two episodes of the season, and to help get you ready for next week, we have an image gallery and preview of Episode 1.12, "Relevés."

Image Gallery and Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.11 - Rôti

Now that NBC has given "Hannibal" a second-season pickup, we can relax and enjoy the final three installments of Season 1, beginning with next week's Episode 1.11, "Rôti," which sees the return of Eddie Izzard. Check out a few stills and the ep's preview.

NBC Renews Hannibal for a Second Season!

And the angels sing... or scream... or whatever they do around serial killers. We just got word that NBC has given a 13-episode second-season renewal to its critically applauded drama “Hannibal.” Show NBC some love and be sure to tune in tonight!

New Still and Clip from Hannibal Episode 1.10 - Buffet Froid

Despite nothing but silence from NBC with regard to renewing "Hannibal," it looks like the network hasn't completely forgotten about it because they've released a new still and a clip from tomorrow night's Episode 1.10, "Buffet Froid."

Hannibal Drops in the Ratings; Eddie Izzard Returning in Episode 1.11 - Rôti

Well, "Hannibal" fans, it's now or never to have your voices heard if you want NBC to renew the show as in overnight results, last night's ep tied the series low with a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating, down 9 percent from last week’s 1.1. Can Eddie Izzard's return in Episode 1.11, "Rôti," help save it?

Image Gallery and Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.10 - Buffet Froid

Next on the menu on NBC's "Hannibal" are some cold cuts... what "meat" they'll be made of we don't really want to think about. Check out a preview of Episode 1.10, "Buffet Froid," along with a handful of stills.

Will Is on the Edge in this Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.09 - Trou Normand

We've been talking about Lance Henriksen's appearance on "Hannibal" for a while now, and finally next week in Episode 1.09, "Trou Normand," we'll get to see it. Check out this preview of the ep, in which Will begins to suspect there is something seriously wrong.

Disturbing New Still from Tonight's Hannibal Episode 1.08 - Fromage

While we wait to see if NBC is keeping "Hannibal" or if the show is heading to greener pastures like Amazon, the network has released an odd and rather disturbing new still from tonight's Episode 1.08, "Fromage." Check it out!

NBC Could Lose Hannibal if Not Renewed; New Clip From Episode 1.08 Fromage

If you're not watching "Hannibal" on NBC, then you are missing one of the best damned horror-themed shows on TV. Apparently NBC hasn't realized this as they've yet to renew the show for a second season. Don't fear though... outside parties are interested should they pass.

Digest These New Images from Hannibal Episode 1.09 - Trou Normand

We still have about a week to wait before seeing Lance Henriksen in Episode 1.09 of "Hannibal" (and at least that long before learning if the show is being renewed), but to help fill the time, here's a batch of stills from "Trou Normand," airing May 23rd.

NBC Moving Grimm Back to Friday Night and Pairing it with Dracula; Hannibal's Fate Still Uncertain

In a move that will make a lot of "Grimm" fans happy, for the 2013-14 season NBC will be returning the show to Friday nights and pairing it with new series "Dracula." Unfortunately, the fate of "Hannibal" is still up in the air.

Two Killers Collide in this Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.08 - Fromage

NBC's 2013 Upfront presentation is Monday, the 13th, and we should find out then if "Hannibal" is returning for a second season. In the meantime here's a look at next week's Episode 1.08, "Fromage," which is being presented with limited interruptions due to a later start time of 10:15PM.

More Details on Hannibal Episode 1.09 - Trou Normand - With Guest Star Lance Henriksen

When it was announced last January that Lance Henriksen would be guest starring in an episode of "Hannibal," his part was "top secret," and even now that a synopsis for the ep (#1.09) has been released, we still don't know much about it. But at least we learned what a "Trou Normand" is!

Cleanse Your Palate with this Preview of Hannibal Episode 1.07 - Sorbet

We're at mid-season on "Hannibal" so it's time to clear out our taste buds a bit with some "Sorbet" before delving into the sure to be complex and varied flavors to come in the remaining episodes. Check out a preview of next week's Episode 1.07, featuring guest star Gillian Anderson.