Break Out the Champagne! Hannibal Renewed for a Third Season!

We've been getting a lot of good news this week about TV pilot pickups and series renewals, but none has made us happier than this tidbit: NBC has renewed "Hannibal" for a third season! And they've released a clip from tonight's Episode 2.11, "Ko No Mono," directed by David Slade!

Snack on a Dozen Stills from Hannibal Episode 2.11 - Ko No Mono

Just three episodes remain in Season 2 of "Hannibal," and if there's a god, we'll be hearing positive news about its renewal soon. While we wait, here are a dozen stills from Friday night's Episode 2.11, "Ko No Mono," directed by David Slade.

You Can Believe this Promo for Hannibal Episode 2.11 - Ko No Mono

Each week our love for "Hannibal" grows, and the show's ratings appear to be on an upswing as well as we head into the final episodes of Season 2. Please keep watching so we'll get a third! While we wait for word, here's a preview of next week's Episode 2.11, "Ko No Mono."

New Hannibal: Post Mortem Videos with Laurence Fishburne, Aaron Abrams, and Hettienne Park

To make the wait until tonight's episode of "Hannibal" a bit more tolerable, we have three new installments of its companion web series, "Post Mortem with Scott Thompson," to share, one of which includes a chat with the ultimate "Fannibal."

Eat Up These New Stills for Hannibal Episode 2.10 - Naka-Choko

It's Hump Day, and you, like us, are probably hankering for more of NBC's incredible "Hannibal." And rightly so! As a means to bide your time until Friday night's Episode 2.10, "Naka-Choko," dig these images as an appetizer!

Be Transformed by this Promo for Hannibal Episode 2.10 - Naka-Choko

And so Will falls deeper down "Hannibal's" rabbit hole... or is it the other way around? Someone's being transformed, and with just four episodes remaining in Season 2, we should be finding out who soon enough. Will this promo for Ep. 2.10, "Naka-Choko," reveal any clues?

Is Hannibal Really a Comedy? Creator Bryan Fuller Seems to Think So!

Do you ever laugh out loud when watching "Hannibal"? As seasoned horror fans, no doubt many of us do. And someone else who does is series creator Bryan Fuller, who was recently interviewed for the web series "Post Mortem with Scott Thompson."

New Image Provides the First Look at Michael Pitt as Mason Verger in NBC's Hannibal

In last week's episode of NBC's "Hannibal," we were introduced to Margot Verger, whose brother, Mason, was the sadistic antagonist of the Hannibal book and 2001 film. Mason is set to appear in next week's ep, and here's your first look at Michael Pitt as the memorable character.

Revel in Over a Dozen New Images from Hannibal Episode 2.09 - Shiizakana

We're still wrapping our heads around what went down in last Friday night's "Hannibal," and from these stills from this week's Episode 2.09, "Shiizakana," it appears we're not yet done with Jeremy Davies' character of Peter Bernardone...

Be an Animal with this Preview of Hannibal Episode 2.09 - Shiizakana

Although we're not sure "Hannibal" will ever be able to top tonight's #TURDUCKEN insanity, we can't wait to see the powers-that-be try in next week's Episode 2.09, "Shiizakana." Here's a preview of what's ahead.

New Stills Provide First Look at Katharine Isabelle in Hannibal Episode 2.08 - Su-zakana

We knew Katharine Isabelle would be joining "Hannibal" this season, and her first appearance comes on Friday in Episode 2.08, "Su-zakana." Check out this new batch of stills from the ep that gives us our first look at Isabelle as Margot Verger.

It's Nothing Personal in this Promo for Hannibal Episode 2.08 - Su-zakana

The tables are turning as we head deeper into this season of "Hannibal," inching toward the ending we saw (or think we saw) at the beginning. In any event, here's a preview of the next step on our journey: Episode 2.08, "Su-zakana."

See the Promo and Some Stills from Hannibal Episode 2.07 - Yakimono

Free at last... and it tastes so good! Will is out of Chilton's asylum, unbound and looking for justice on "Hannibal." Here's the promo along with a baker's half dozen stills from next week's Episode 2.07, "Yakimono," to whet your appetites.

A Shocking Twist Awaits in this Preview and Half Dozen Stills from Hannibal Episode 2.06 - Futamono

Actually, these photos and preview of next week's Episode 2.06 of "Hannibal," entitled "Futamono," don't show much, but NBC's synopsis reveals something rather spoilery. So skim through the text if you want to avoid it and focus on the eye candy.

Get Some Hannibal Merch: Limited Edition 'Cereal Killer' T-Shirts and New Funko Pop Vinyl Series

Slowly but surely the word is spreading about how great NBC's "Hannibal" is, and if you want to integrate the show a bit more into your day-to-day life, you can with a pair of limited edition t-shirts and a new line of vinyl mini-figures on the way from Funko.