SD Comic-Com 2010: Let Me In Party for Clever Code Crackers

The viral games continue in celebration of Matt Reeve's upcoming film Let Me in! If you can crack the code over at the film's official website, you can score yourself an invite to a very special San Diego Comic-Con party for the vampiric adaptation arriving in theaters on October 1st.

Hammer Films to Hold a Wake

Words cannot describe how fully elated we are that Hammer has risen from the grave -- if only for their adaptation of Susan Hill's The Woman in Black! That is far from the only thing that they have cookin' however as another project can be safely added to the pile.

Leaked Trailer for The Resident Finds Home Online

Ah, YouTube. You just never know what's gonna pop up on it next! Fans super interested in the next feature from Hammer needn't wait any longer. Get ready to check out the trailer for The Resident right now!

Hammer's The Resident Shows Us Her Stills

One flick that remains high on the list of films Dread Central staffers are looking forward to is The Resident. Why? Because Hammer Films, Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Christopher Lee all add up to some serious genre cred! That's why! Who's ready for some more stills?

'Scayrecrow' poster

Poster for the 'Penny Dreadful' animation 'Scayrecrow' - Winner of the 2009 Media Innovation award for Best Independent film and screened at the 2009 'Fangoria Weekend of Horrors NYC'
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Exclusive Stills: The Resident from Hammer Films

One flick that's high on the list of films Dread Central staffers are looking forward to is The Resident. Hammer Films, Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Christopher Lee all add up to some serious genre cred, and we're pleased to present two exclusive new stills from the project as well as an updated synopsis.

Hammer's Beyond the Rave Comes Home

There's not a seasoned horror fan in the world who doesn't get a big smile on his or her face when you mention the name Hammer Films. Their 2008 return to the world of horror, webisode series Beyond the Rave, is now available to bring home on DVD via PAL and NTSC versions (though both will be "Region Free")!

Christopher Lee Coming Back to Hammer?

Hammer Films' latest flick The Resident may just be getting an old and very familiar landlord of sorts. I refer of course to a Hammer staple of days gone by -- the legendary Christopher Lee.

Let the Right One In Remake Clarification

Well, this might end up being a bit embarrassing for Production Weekly. Last week, they reported that the US remake for Let the Right One In was getting a title overhaul and being called Let Me In and that shooting was set to start in Canada this May. I guess they may have spoken too soon.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Added to The Resident

It's not a lot of news, but any mention of Jeffrey Dean Morgan is like music to my ears. Most of us know him from his stint as Papa Winchester on "Supernatural", but I have a feeling that once Watchmen opens in March, he's going to be forever remembered as The Comedian.

Hilary Swank Joins Hammer's The Resident

Hammer Films continues to prove that they’re done messing around with direct-to-online films and are ready to start working on serious movies today with the first casting for Antti J. Jokinen’s The Resident: Oscar winner Hilary Swank, according to Variety.

Reeves Talks Let the Right One In Redux

I know most of you who have seen Let the Right One In are concerned about the upcoming remake of it from Cloverfield helmer Matt Reeves, as well you should be. But maybe it won’t be so bad?

Matt Reeves Lets the Right One In!

I was completely unaware that Tomas Alfredson's Let the Right One In (review) was even being optioned for a remake, considering it's such a new film. The vampire tale has caught the eye of Hammer Films, and a certain monster director has been tapped to helm the U.S. adaptation.

Hammer Films Begins Shooting Wake Wood

Principal photography commences today on Hammer Films’ first foray into making an original feature-length horror film since 1976’s To the Devil a Daughter (Beyond the Rave doesn’t count as it was made for the internet), the British studio announced.