NYC Village Halloween Parade Needs Your Help!

What's Halloween without a parade? And New York City's annual Village Halloween Parade is the largest, most wildly creative Halloween celebration in the world. However, like just about everyone else in this f'd up economy, they could use a little help.

John Carpenter’s Halloween – Back on the Big Screen for One Night Only

Is there a better way to get into the spirit of the season than watching John Carpenter’s Halloween? If you said yes, then you can go ahead and skip this story because you’re obviously a crazy person. Fans in Spanish Fort, Alabama, however, aren’t going to want to miss out on what Premiere Cinemas has planned.

Candy (Short, 2010)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Starring Sage Hall, Jesse Kozel Directed by Sage Hall Written by Jenny Beres

Rifftrax Live Haunting Vincent Price This Halloween

If you're looking for a few laughs this Halloween and are a fan of the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" alumni now doing "Rifftrax", you may be happy to hear Rifftrax will once again be broadcasting live in select theaters around the country October 28th for a spooktacular riffing of the William Castle cult classic House on Haunted Hill starring the legendary Vincent Price.

The World's Greatest Haunted Attraction

St. Louis, Missouri - It's finally October, the favorite month of most of us here at Dread Central.

First Footage Hits Online: Halloween: The Inside Story

Excited for Phil Nobile's feature length documentary "Halloween: The Inside Story"? With its small screen debut rapidly approaching, there's no reason not to be. I mean, can you really have too much of John Carpenter's Halloween around this time of year?

Robert Englund to Appear in Chuck's Halloween Episode

There are horror icons, and then there are horror icons like Robert Englund. Which is no doubt why NBC's "Chuck" has been courting him to appear in their 2010 Halloween episode. According to EW's The Ausiello Files, they've been successful.

Halloween: The Inside Story Premiere Date Set!

Updated: New date for the premiere: Monday October 25th at 9 pm ET. It's almost the wonderful time of the year again, and what would it be without a little news concerning The Shape? With Never Sleep Again under the old belt, I can tell you documentary filmmaking is anything but easy, but when it's done right? The rewards are certainly there to reap.

It's Never Too Early for Halloween - Two Books You NEED for the Holiday!

I think I can say without too much reserve that Halloween is the horror fan's Christmas. So, when I start seeing Halloween items in stores in August, I take note because you just never know what goodies you might find, and of course I want to share my recent discoveries with Dread Central readers.

First Casting News and Storyboard Art: Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders

And the William Sanders helmed envisioning of a plotline from John Carpenter's Halloween continues to take shape as one of the first stars of the franchise returns to the town adjacent to Haddonfield. We've got the first bit of casting news for Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders hot off the grill and waiting for you along with some early concept art.

6th annual South African HORRORFEST Film Festival

The South African HORRORFEST Film Festival is the only Halloween event of its kind on the continent, and this year celebrates its 6th annual outing. The deadline of end-August 2010 is approaching fast for short film-, feature film-, and short story entries. All details at: http://www.HORRORFEST.info Check out the killer event promo produced (in 2009) by HORRORFEST organizers Paul Blom & Sonja Ruppersberg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFh62j-3IpI (to be expanded soon)
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The Weinsteins Looking to Bring Their Horrors Back - New Halloween Sequel, Hellraiser Remake and More!

Say what you will about The Weinstein Company, the bottom line is that they have their hands firmly gripped upon some of horror's top franchises, and they've always done their best to be kind to the genre. True, some efforts have been better than others, but you have to take the bad with the good, man!

Teaser Poster: Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the latest spin-off from the Halloween franchise (Carpenter's universe, not Zombie's), Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders, and now a bit of early teaser art has surfaced that is sporting some teeth!

The Halloween Mythos Continues with Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders

Fans have been known to digest every single bit of information about their favorite films. For budding filmmaker William Sanders, John Carpenter's Halloween is the film that he lives and dies by. Even going so far as to take a few lines of dialogue and turn them into a ninety-minute indie feature that we must admit ... sounds like a bitchin' idea. Are you ready for Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders?

More Names Added to Creation's Weekend of Horrors. Full Schedule Posted!

The good folks over at Creation are doing their damnedest to make sure that this weekend's con will be a show that fans in attendance will never forget! More guests have been added, and we've got the whole schedule for you right here so you can make sure that you don't miss a single thing!