Indie Horror Month Video Interview: Master of Horror John Carpenter Reflects on the Early Days of His Career

After giving fans so many horror stories to fall in love with for over 30 years now, there's not much that hasn't already been said a million times regarding John Carpenter's contributions to our beloved genre, which is why for Indie Horror Month we decided to let the man speak for himself.

Halloween: The Complete History ... The Night He Came Home in Print October 2013!

When we talk iconic horror franchises, you don't get much bigger than Halloween, the earliest and one of the most prolific ever. Now Justin Beahm has taken on the Herculean task of compiling a history of the entire series. From that first trip to Haddonfield right up through the upcoming Halloween 3D, Halloween: The Complete Authorized History will cover the entire history of The Shape.

Gigantic Image Gallery from the West Hollywood Annual Halloween Costume Carnival

If you don't already know, the city of West Hollywood, California, shuts down its main thoroughfare to traffic every October 31st to transform into the largest city-sanctioned Halloween street party in the world.

Happy Halloween 2011

It's here! It's here! Our favorite day of the year! If you're reading this page right here, right now, it's most likely because you realize that Halloween is more than just a spooky occasion to be celebrated once a year. Horror fans live this kind of thing every day while the rest of the world plays catch-up annually!

Dread Central Presents: 2011 Los Angeles Area Haunt Guide

Live in the Los Angeles area and looking for a fun way to ring in Halloween? Besides getting drunk and puking in your costume? Well, Dread Central has hit up the majority of this year's haunts, and we offer this handy little weekend guide to all things spooky!

A Couple of Music Playlists to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

We're always walking a fine line when it comes to music news here on Dread Central, but a couple of pretty cool music playlists geared toward Halloween crossed our desks this week so we thought we'd share them with you guys. Whether your tastes run more toward "Chillers" or "Thrillers", we think you'll find something you like. Read on for the details, and give them a listen.

October 31st is Undead Pride Day

It's nice to see our country moving in the right direction as far as acceptance of those different than ourselves. Sure, we've got a long way to go to be a completely accepting society, but we're on the right track. Here in New York we see people celebrating diversity all the time. We have the Gay Pride Parade, the Latin American Pride Parade, and those are just two of the more popular ones. However, even with all that, one group has been consistently overlooked...and they're pissed.

Visit Zombie Pumpkins and Get a Free Halloween Carving Pattern

Uncle Creepy brought me on board here at Dread Central earlier this year, and I've been truly having a blast writing for all you gorehounds. However, there is something I've been dying to write about but had to wait for the right time. Well, it's that time, Halloween time, and I'm finally getting my chance to write about one of my favorite websites, Zombie Pumpkins, easily one of the greatest Halloween sites around.

Horror History: They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

Time to add a little fun to your Monday afternoon. While not news by any stretch of the imagination, there are a couple of audience reaction clips floating around YouTube that we had to bring to your attention. Have some time to kill? Pull up a chair and dig on the terrors of days gone by!

Last Chance! The sCare Charity Auction: Own a Piece of Halloween Franchise History

Today is the final day of the very first auction set up by The sCare Foundation. The clock is ticking! Place your bids while you can! It's for a good cause!

First sCare Charity Auction: Own a Piece of Halloween Franchise History

There are two things true about horror fans ... One: We love this stuff to an insane degree and would do anything to nurture our obsession. Two: We have really big hearts. Now there's a way to put both of those facts to work for one hell of a good cause.

Tour The Munster Mansion for Charity This Halloween!

Did you know "The Munsters" mansion was in Texas? Okay, not the original mansion used in the show, but the McKee family of Waxahachie, Texas, built an almost exact replica and live in it to this day. Located just about half an hour south of Dallas, the house is based on careful examinations of the exterior and interior shots from the show, right down to the lifting staircase!

For the Third Time ... Halloween 3D is a "LONG Way Off"

You know what drives us crazy sometimes? Reporting news. Not that we mind doing it; in fact, we love it. It's just that weeding through all of the bullshit to bring you guys the truth is sometimes a herculean task. Case in point: Halloween 3D.

TWC Games - Play with Pinhead, Michael, GhostFace, and Isaac!

Movie licenses haven't exactly fared well in the world of video games, but with the formation of a new company, we also get new hope ... right? Either way, one studio is ready to throw its hat into the video game arena and bring along with it some of horror's most beloved characters. From the Press Release