First Hellions Image Is a True Blood Bath

Even though we're one month removed from that magical time of year, Halloween is still very much on our minds here at Dread Central. That being said, this first image from Bruce McDonald's Hellions should get you back in the spirit of things.

Robert Patrick to Battle Hellions for Halloween

Robert Patrick has signed on to battle a trio of evil trick-or-treaters on Halloween in Bruce McDonald's Hellions, which is currently filming in Toronto.

Prep for the Assault on Precinct 13 Blu-ray Release by Counting Down the Top 10 John Carpenter Films

The title "Master of Horror" is thrown around quite a bit. Often it’s warranted but sometimes not so much. In the case of filmmaker John Carpenter, however, you cannot heap enough accolades upon him.

Mondo Bringing a New Halloween Poster to This Weekend's Halloween: 35 Years of Terror Convention

We told you earlier this month about "Halloween: 35 Years of Terror," taking place November 15-17 in Pasadena, CA, and if you weren't sure about attending, this latest news should help you decide in the affirmative.

New Halloween Fan Film Delivers

Know what's cool? When a fan comes up with something that's better than what we've gotten out of Hollywood pertaining to our favorite franchise. Take 19-year-old aspiring filmmakers Anne-Sophie Picard and Félix Corré's film Halloween: The Night She Doubted for example...

What if Season of the Witch Wasn't Halloween 3? Have a Look at Fan-Made Trailer for Halloween: Harvest of Souls

Here's something for your post-Halloween hangover. Imagine, it's 1985 and instead of Season of the Witch the filmmakers behind the budding Halloween series decided to stick with The Shape and deliver a third installment featuring Michael Myers.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Pair of Tickets to the Halloween: 35 Years of Terror Convention in Pasadena, CA

There's a lot going on to commemorate the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter's Halloween, but the granddaddy of them all is the "35 Years of Terror" convention taking place November 15-17 in Pasadena, CA. If you're lucky, you can score a pair of passes on us!

Check Out the Alternate First Take of the Original Halloween Opening

As we come up on the 35th Anniversary of John Carpenter's seminal classic Halloween, Vimeo user Billy J. Kirkus has yet another gem on tap from the film... the very first take of the seminal film's opening scene in which Michael kills Judith.

Happy Halloween 2013

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! The one day a year in which the world unabashedly lets its freak flag fly and digs on the stuff we know is cool all year round! Now we just have to wait another 365 days to do it all over again.

Original Halloween Plus Return and Revenge of Michael Myers Now in Theaters!

This year marks the 35th Anniversary of John Carpenter's Halloween, a birthday that was celebrated earlier this month with a special Blu-ray release of the film by Anchor Bay.

Celebrate Halloween with CBS and The Price Is Fright!

We're zeroing in our favorite day of the year, which means all the mainstream folks are jumping on the Halloween bandwagon. Joining in on the fun is this Thursday's "The Price Is Right" - or rather "The Price Is Fright." Get more details and see a clip of Count Drew-cula’s grand entrance right here!

The Youth of Today Do Not Find John Carpenter's Halloween Scary

While scouring the wire for news for you cats, we came across an interesting tidbit over on Yahoo! Movies concerning a "study" done with millennial subjects who reveal that they don't find the John Carpenter classic Halloween scary.

Jamie Lee Curtis Auctions Off Signed Michael Myers Masks for Charity

Hot on the heels of her appearance at Cincinnati's HorrorHound Weekend convention earlier this year - her first and last convention appearance - Jamie Lee Curtis is now going one step further in her bid to use her star power to get horror fans to raise money for her favorite charity...

Mondo's Halloween Vinyl Soundtrack Comes Home on Michael's Favorite Day!

Known largely for their high-end limited edition art prints, Mondo has in the last couple years been expanding their focus to include VHS tapes and even vinyl soundtracks.

South Pasadena Recognizes John Carpenter and Names October 31st - John Carpenter Night

When compiling a list of movies to watch on the mother of all spooky occasions, it's impossible not to throw a few John Carpenter flicks on there. One of California's most beautiful cities has just recognized his genius!