Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Tickets On Sale Now

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to purchase your tickets to the horror event of the year, Halloween Horror Nights. Read on for all the details about this year's event, and make sure you grab your tickets as soon as possible!!

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Announces El Cucuy: The Boogeyman

Astutely tapping into the cultural diversity of Los Angeles as they did with their previous years’ “La Llorona” mazes, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights has announced “El Cucuy: The Boogeyman” is joining their top-notch seasonal haunt.

Halloween Horror Nights Expands into the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot with Hordes of Walking Dead Zombies

For 2013 Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights is extending into the studios' iconic backlot, where guests will have a chance to be marauded on foot by shambling zombies from "The Walking Dead."

Halloween Horror Nights Remixing the Classic Monsters

Yes, there's plenty of insanely cool things happening at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights what with the announcement of haunted attractions based on The Purge, Insidious, hell, even Black Sabbath, but sometimes you gotta remember the classics!

An American Werewolf in London Invades Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

Florida had better stick to the roads and stay away from the moors as An American Werewolf in London is on its way to the steamy hot theme park. Kids, beware! A naked American man may just steal your balloons!

Halloween Horror Nights Adds The Purge and Curse of Chucky to This Year's Line-Up of Attractions!

This year's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is quickly becoming the must-attend event of the year, with previously announced attractions based on "The Walking Dead", Insidious, Cabin in the Woods and the Evil Dead remake.

Universal Studios Hollywood Bringing the Insidious Franchise to Life in an All-New Halloween Horror Nights Maze

Universal Studios Hollywood's fourth 2013 Halloween Horror Nights maze has been announced, and this year the park is ready to take guests "Into The Further."

Universal Studios Announces Black Sabbath: 13 3D Halloween Horror Nights Maze

Universal Studios Hollywood has announced that the third maze in its annual Halloween Horror Nights attraction will be Black Sabbath: 13 3D, and yes, it's inspired by the metal band of the same name.

Universal Studios Announces The Walking Dead Halloween Horror Nights Maze

Throwing down its licensing power, Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights announces (on the heels of last week’s news of Evil Dead mazes) another haunted attraction, “The Walking Dead,” for both Florida and California park attendees.

Halloween Horror Nights Bringing the Evil Dead to Both Florida and California

For this writer the first email from Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights heralds the fright season, and we’ve received it. Here's news on the immersive, live-action hell HHN intends to bring with its Evil Dead mazes.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando to Get a Cabin in the Woods

Having seen and adored The Cabin in the Woods, I can honestly say that this makes a hell of a lot of sense. If any recent film was SCREAMING to be turned into a haunted attraction, it's this one, and that's exactly what Universal Orlando is doing for its 23rd Halloween Horror Nights!

How Would You Make a Monster? Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Wants to Bring Your Worst Nightmare to Life!

Just what does that monster living under your bed look like? If you can create a design, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is ready to bring it to life! Read on for the details of a cool and unique contest.

Vote For YOUR Favorite Halloween Haunt: Knott's Scary Farm, Halloween Horror Nights, and More!

Each Halloween we all sit back and take on the herculean task of trying to decide which haunt would give us the most BOO for our bucks. Now, thanks to a new readers poll on About Travel, you can let your shriek be heard!

Video: The Walking Dead Cast and Crew Head to Universal to See The Dead Inside

With "The Walking Dead" cast and crew celebrating the premiere of Season Three in Los Angeles, our favorite survivors took some time to head on over to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights to experience "The Walking Dead: Dead Inside" maze. Dig on this video.

Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights: Go Behind the Screams of The Walking Dead: Dead Inside

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is in full swing, and they've provided a behind-the-scenes look at one of our favorite mazes at the Hollywood location: "The Walking Dead: Dead Inside."