Halloween 2

New Uncle Coffins Commercial

Yet another clip from "Uncle Coffins' Creature Double-Feature," the TV show within the movie Halloween 2, surfaced today and I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually gave the still unnamed actor a gig as a horror host.

Bombshell from H2 Set - How Long Will Myers Be Maskless?

Hey Halloween fans! You know that mask you love so very much? Well, you may not be seeing as much of it as you'd like to in Rob Zombie's upcoming Halloween 2.

H2: Scout Speaks and More!

Another video interview has emerged from the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, this time with Scout Taylor-Compton talking about the flick as well as a couple of other juicy tidbits.

Dread Central Twittering Live from Sets: Crazies and H2

Twitter has revolutionized the way that everyone does things. Case in point -- our man Nomad is out on the set of the remake of The Crazies today, and then he'll be traveling to the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 tomorrow. You can expect full set reports in the near future, but for now Nomad will be tweeting live from the sets!

H2: Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures

You have to give it to Rob Zombie ... with his upcoming film Halloween 2 he's creating an entire universe for the characters of Haddonfield to populate. From faux TV shows, to ads, to everything in between, he's really exploring the space. Next up is a music video from the fictitious band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.

H2: New Strode Pic and Myers Video

A couple of updates on the Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 front: a new picture of Scout as Laurie and even a video chat with Tyler Mane!

H2: See Uncle Coffins in Action

Another imaginative tie-in for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 hit the Net today. This time fans will get a chance to see Uncle Seymour Coffins in action hosting a Haddonfield Spookshow.

H2: First Pic of New Young Myers

There's no question filling Daeg Faerch's shoes as young Michael Myers is going to be no easy task, but young actor Chase Wright Vanek seems up for the challenge. On his MySpace page Rob Zombie has posted the first picture of Chase in character. Does this kid look the part? It's time to decide for yourself.

H2: What's on TV in Haddonfield?

What with all the serial killer excitement that's gone down there, did you ever wonder what the residents of Haddonfield watch on TV to get away from all of that grim reality? Wonder no longer as Zombie answers that burning question in Halloween 2!

H2: Michael Is Coming

Nothing says Halloween quite like the image of Michael Myers walking down the street. And now today, thanks to an update from Rob Zombie's MySpace page, we have the promise of something "very nasty" taking place the night of Halloween 2.

H2: What Would Michael Do?

Another day, another behind-the-scenes picture from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, this time celebrating the mindset of some of the citizens of Haddonfield.

Zombie Reveals More Halloween 2 Details

And the H2 news just keeps on rolling in. This time around Rob Zombie talked to MTV Movies Blog about the film's score and his overall approach to the subject matter.

Zombie's H2 Gets "Weird"

Ok then. With all the casting and recasting going on lately with Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, it only seems fitting that somehow Weird Al Yankovic gets thrown into the mix, doesn't it?

Zombie Debuts Night Creatures

And the behind-the-scenes stuff keeps trickling in from the set of Halloween 2. This time, a look at the band headlining Haddonfield's Phantom Jam -- Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures.

Coffins Recast in Halloween 2

Interesting development out of the Halloween 2 set in Georgia. Apparently Bill Moseley has been replaced as well. No word yet on if it was because he was too tall.