Halloween 2

H2: New Twisted Picture of Scout as Laurie Strode

A new picture from Rob Zombie's Halloween II surfaced online today, and surprise!, it's not from Zombie's MySpace page. Instead, it was posted on Twitter by Scout Taylor-Compton, aka Laurie Strode herself.

Malcolm McDowell On Halloween II

Malcolm McDowell is the man. No one can dispute that. So it’s no surprise that his return to the character of Dr. Loomis is one of the few highlights in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Dread Central was on hand with a roundtable of journalists to hear the legendary actor spew his usual brand of wit and sarcasm.

Rob Zombie Talks Halloween .... Again!

This weekend Rob Zombie unleashes all the gory mayhem, bearded rednecks, and white horses you can stomach! The musician-turned-filmmaker sat down with Dread Central and a great big roundtable of journalists to talk about his craft, his love of horror, and hardships bringing Michael Myers back to the screen.

*Updated* More Clips from Halloween II to Leave you Speechless

A fourth clip from Rob Zombie's Halloween II just hit online today featuring a real family reunion of sorts between mother and both iterations of son.

Exclusive: Halloween II: Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Speak

Just a couple of short days ago Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie showed up at Planet Hollywood in New York City to donate one of Michael's favorite killing implements -- a screen used giant ass butcher's knife.

Exclusive: Halloween II: Behind-the-Scenes Stills

On a cold night in Georgia, a dilapidated shack stood, paper thin, almost rocking faintly with every gust of wind amid a rolling field and set against a thick row of trees. In the distance came a low rumble and through the night sky cut a search light, hitting the ground with frantic purpose.

Event Report: World Premiere of Rob Zombie's Halloween II

Dread just got back from the world premiere of Rob Zombie's Halloween II (held last night at Mann's Chinese in Hollywood, Ca) as well as the ensuing after-party which took place at Mood on Hollywood Boulevard, and while it really wasn't much of a work night for this scribe, I figured I’d be remiss if I didn't provide at least a bit of ocular coverage.

Halloween II - Michael and His White Horse

Oh my. With Zombieween II just around the corner you can now feast your eyes on one of the most ridiculous looking things that will likely come out of Friday's cinematic experience should you decide to subject yourself to it. It's just so silly, regardless of context.

Halloween II Lights Fuse

Looking for some tasty Halloween II programming to get you geared up for this Friday's release of Rob Zombie's Halloween II? The cable channel Fuse has your hot ticket for horror this week!

Halloween II: A Last Look at Pre-Hobo Myers

We're just one short week away from the release of one of he most anticipated sequels of the year, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, and Rob has given us one last look at the man himself before he went all homeless and such.

Huge Halloween II Auction Next Week

We're just a week out of seeing what Rob Zombie can do with his sequel Halloween II on August 28th, and to celebrate the film's release Premiere Props is holding an auction of some of the film's more exciting collectibles!

*Update* Official Clips from Halloween II

The first official clip from Rob Zombie's Halloween II hit the Net today, and it gives its characters a really good reason to call 911 and get the hell out of the house that they're in!

Good "Unused" Halloween II Trailer Leaked

Here's a shocker for ya! An unused trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween II has just leaked its way online and ... it's probably the best damned trailer we've seen for the flick yet.

A New Family Oriented Clip from Halloween II

With Halloween II's release date right around the corner, a full-blown media blitz is set to hit high gear, continuing with a new clip and an interview with both Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie.

Halloween II: Laurie Set to Kill

A while ago we grabbed some screen caps from the trailer for Rob Zombie's upcoming sequel that showed off some really interesting images from Halloween II, including two shots of what appears to be Laurie dressed as little Michael, clown suit and all. Some said we were wrong and that it was the new kid playing young Mikey, but vindication has come today!