Halloween 2

Halloween 2

See Halloween II on 35mm This Saturday at the New Bev

Attention Los Angeles area…be on the lookout for a strange individual wielding a large butcher knife wearing what appears to be a modified William Shatner mask. That's right, Michael Myers is coming to the City of Angels this Saturday with a screening of Halloween II at the New Bev.

Toy Fair 2010: Mezco's Three Faces of Michael Myers

Toy Fair is in full swing, and we'll be bringing you all the horror in plastic goods from the show floor for the next few days. And who better to kick things off with other than Michael Myers, or should we say Rob Zombie's vision of Michael Myers?

DVD Releases: Jan. 12, 2010: Feel the Dark Rage of the CockHammer of The Riverman

Well, 2010 is certain starting off with a bang for DVD collectors. Along with the unrated director's cut of Rob Zombie's Halloween II and Duncan Jones' stellar Moon (polar opposites if there ever were any!), we've been given the choice of two new Hindi thriller/Bollywood films, Accident on Hill Road and Bolo Raam.

See The Alternate Ending of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 NOW

With the director's cut of the much maligned film on its way, the supposed alternate ending of Rob Zombie's Halloween II has found its way online. Of course we have it for you. Because we love you. We love you long time.

Rob Zombie's Halloween II Early Sales Art

Finally the artwork and ads for Rob Zombie's much maligned sequel Halloween II have appeared online, and we've got them for you free of ill-placed profanity and shaky-cam! HELL YEAH!

Halloween II DVD and Blu-ray Update

Another bad sign for the Weinsteins. Usually distribution of all of Dimension Films' theatrical properties are handled by Genius Products, the Weinsteins' home video label. Yet, today the news came that Sony will be handling the DVD and Blu-ray release of Rob Zombie's Halloween II. Very interesting, no?

Horror Coming Home: Zombie's Halloween II and Dead Snow

Information on when you can get your hands on two kind of underwhelming flicks that should have been a lot better dropped today. Zombie's psychobilly freak-out Halloween II and Tommy Wirkola's all too quirky zombie opus Dead Snow are both on their way!

If It's Halloween... It Might Not Be Saw Anymore!

"It's it's Halloween... It must be Saw!" is how Lionsgate has touted the latest sequels in the Saw franchise the past few years. They might need a new tagline when Saw VII in 3D comes out next year. This year, if it's Halloween... It must be Paranormal Activity. And a concert film starring a freaky looking dead guy. Not to mention Law Abiding Citizen and Couples Retreat, both of which easily outgrossed Saw VI.

Rob Zombie's Halloween II Returning to Theatres

Halloween weekend is fast approaching. Pumpkins? Check! Costume? Check! New Saw film? Check! Rob Zombie's Halloween II? Ch... What the hell?

The Final Destination Remains the Destination of Choice for Filmgoers

The estimated four-day Labor Day weekend box office numbers are in, and they paint a somewhat surprising picture for the latest genre offerings. 3D is still obviously high on everyone's end-of-summer fun-o-meter, as are prawns -- and not just the kind you throw on the barbie.

Dinner for Fiends: FD4 vs. H2 - HELL YEAH!

Ok, now this one? It isn't pretty. It's not even close to pretty. Are you ready for what could be the most profanity laden (and longest) Dinner for Fiends yet?

H2 vs TFD at the Box Office: Death (and Michael Myers) Defeat Michael Myers

The (almost) final weekend box office numbers are in, confirming our earlier report that David R. Ellis' The Final Destination had emerged as the champ in its battle against Rob Zombie's Halloween II. The numbers? $28.3 million (a whopping $9,079 per screen) for TFD (no doubt benefiting from its 3D price bump) and $17.4 million (a much smaller average of $5,754) for H2.

Halloween II Review! The Final Destination Review! Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

The day is here. The gloves are off. An epic box office battle the likes of which we've never seen is about to ensue. In one corner The Shape. In the other Death. Who's your money on?

Halloween II Joins the Motion Poster Craze!

We're just a few minutes away from midnight here on the West Coast, and the PR machine for Rob Zombie's Halloween II is not done yet! You should have known they'd have one last trick up their sleeves: a hop on the motion poster bandwagon just in time for the film's nationwide release.