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Kristy Slashes Her Way to German Blu-ray and DVD

Call it Random or Satanic, the new flick starring Ashley Greene known again as Kristy is making its way to Blu-ray and DVD in Germany. Right now we've got some new stills and more for you to crawl on over to. Dig 'em or forever be an arschgeige!

New Kristy One-Sheet Is a Good vs. Evil Affair

Hot on the heels of BlairWitch.de's reveal of the international trailer for the satanic fright flick Kristy, we now have the international poster, which proves that there are two sides to every tale.

First Kristy Trailer Hits the Net; Satan Be Praised!

The film that started out being called Kristy and then changed to Satanic and then to Random has been renamed back to Kristy, and right now we have a look at the trailer for you courtesy of BlairWitch.de.

AFM 2013: More Random Images of Kristy

The film that started out being called Kristy and then changed to Satanic and then to Random has been renamed back to Kristy, at least for AFM. BTW... My head with pain. In any event, here are some new pics!

How Random! Kristy/Satanic Now Renamed; First Look at Ashley Greene in the Film!

A film that started out being called Kristy and then changed to Satanic has been updated again to Random, and we have your first look at star Ashley Greene in full-blown Goth mode.

A Satanic Cast Takes Shape

Another casting update for Dimension's Kristy, which is now being called Satanic, has come our way; and we have the skinny on just who the devil will be doing the cinematic tango with Big Red and his minions.

Is Twilight's Ashley Greene Heading to Dimension's Satanic?

During the crush of news and artwork that came out of AFM this year, we had an update on Dimension's Kristy, which is now being called Satanic, and today comes word of some possible casting for the film.

Hole, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Chris Massoglia, Nathan Gamble, Haley Bennett, Teri Polo, Bruce Dern Directed by Joe Dante

Joe Dante Opens His Hole in Select Cities!

Some good news is coming in for folks who are looking forward to seeing Joe Dante's latest film, The Hole, up on the big screen where it deserves to be. The flick will be opening early in a few select cities, and we have the details for you right here.

Exclusive: Master of Horror Joe Dante Talks The Hole, Gremlins 3 and More

After a long three-year wait, fans will finally get to check out Joe Dante's latest family-friendly fright flick, The Hole, when it arrives in theaters on September 28th and will also be available on iTunes on October 2nd.

Clarification of Release Plans for Joe Dante's The Hole; Huge Image Gallery Now Open

Last weekend we got some release info on The Hole that seemed to conflict with what we'd heard previously. All has now been made clear so keep reading for the details, new artwork, and our overflowing image gallery.

Dig Deep Into a New Theatrical Trailer for Joe Dante's The Hole

Last we heard, Joe Dante's looooong awaited The Hole was getting a Blu-ray/DVD release on September 25th, and now, according to Yahoo, it's also hitting theatres on September 28th. We'll do some digging, and in the meantime check out the "theatrical trailer" for PG-13 thriller The Hole.

Joe Dante’s The Hole Finally Surfacing on American DVD and Blu-ray

How long have we been waiting for Joe Dante’s The Hole to finally see the light of day here in the US? Since 2009? The wait comes to an end on September 25th when the fright flick escapes the hole it’s been stuck in for the last three years.

Chloe Moretz and Haley Bennett Being Considered for Carrie

Like it or not, a remake of Carrie is well on its way, and the search for the Stephen King-created crazy-ass psychokinetic teenaged lunatic has been narrowed down to two possible choices. Read on for details.

Spiral Down Five Clips From The Hole and More!

It's the weekend, and there's fear in the air thanks to five new clips from Joe Dante's long anticipated 3D horror flick The Hole. Still no word on when we'll see it here in the States, but hey, a taste is better than nothing, right?