Gris Grimly

Animated Haunted Mansion TV Special Headed to Disney Channel

It seems like all of the most awesome things on this planet are celebrating big anniversaries this year, from A Nightmare on Elm Street to Gremlins, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to Ghostbusters.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Gris Grimly Debuts Illustrated Frankenstein Book, T-Shirt, and More!

We've been talking about Gris Grimly's eagerly awaited illustrated Frankenstein book for years now, but finally at this year's SDCC fans will be able to see it for themselves. He'll have limited copies available along with lots of other goodies.

Gris Grimly Sets the Record Straight on Pinocchio

Earlier this morning we reported that things were looking grim for Guillermo del Toro and Gris Grimly's Pinocchio. However Gris just wrote in to clear the air a bit.

Guillermo del Toro and Gris Grimly's Pinocchio Dismantled for Now

Guillermo del Toro and Gris Grimly's take on the classic tale of Pinocchio was a project we were really excited for around these parts. Talk about two delightfully dark and twisted minds coming together. Alas, the project has been removed from the mythical burner.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Get a Signed/Numbered Print of Gris Grimly's Broken Ballerina

Renowned artist Gris Grimly won't be at this year's San Diego Comic-Con in person, but he'll definitely be there in spirit as Van Eaton Gallery will have available for sale signed and numbered giclee prints of his Broken Ballerina.

New Look at Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

Entertainment Weekly scored some first look artwork from the darker version of Pinocchio that's headed our way, and of course we're here to make the catch to keep you guys ahead of the game. Check it out! This certainly ain't your daddy's little wooden boy!

Artist Gris Grimly Touring with Baby Tattoo Books from Vegas to Kansas City

Tired of everything happening in LA or NYC? Then check out this news of Gris Grimly hitting the road with Baby Tattoo Books before visiting the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE! in Kansas City with stops at unique, art-centric emporiums in Las Vegas, Denver, and Lawrence, Kansas.

Guillermo del Toro to Co-Direct New Darker Take on Pinocchio

We've been excited for this project since it was first announced way back in 2008. I mean, come on! Guillermo del Toro collaborating with the incredible artist Gris Grimly? As a fan could you possibly ask for more? Good things are coming, Dread heads. Read on!

An Update on Gris Grimly's Frankenstein and a Peek at Some New Artwork

With so many various Frankenstein projects swirling around us these days, it's hard to keep track of them all, but one we've been keeping an eye on for some time now is Gris Grimly's upcoming three-volume 200-page Frankenstein artbook, and today he showed off one of his newest illustrations.

Atrum Secretum: Spend Some Time in the Twisted Mind of Gris Grimly

"I had another nightmare last night. I don't remember any of it. I think they are getting worse. Poor my dear, I scared her quite bad. I don't know what they mean. I'm not sure I want them to go away."

Gris Grimly Talks Bringing Pinocchio to Life

Dread Central favorite Gris Grimly has taken the time to speak a bit about the genesis and the current state of his upcoming stop-motion telling of Pinocchio that he's making in conjunction with Mark Gustafson and Guillermo del Toro, and it's great to hear from the man himself.

Gris Grimly, Mark Gustafson and Guillermo del Toro Ready to Bring Pinocchio to Life

Around these parts we've been singing the praises of artist Gris Grimly for several years now. Simply put, the man has a very distinct and eye-catching style all of his own. It's nice to see the rest of the world catching up!

New Trailer for Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind & a Pinocchio Update from Gris Grimly

Now this is what we call an update! Gris Grimley is currently working on so many projects it's hard to keep track of them all, but today he provided us with info on three of them, including a new trailer for his short film Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind and, even more exciting, his feature film Pinocchio, which is being produced by Guillermo Del Toro and The Jim Henson Company.

New Poster and Update for Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind

With the other projects he's currently working on (an illustrated Frankenstein book and his first feature Pinocchio), we were wondering about the status of Gris Grimly's short film Wounded Embark of the Lovesick Mind. Thanks to the power of Twitter we now know it's in post-production and has a brand spanking new poster to boot!

New Illustrations from Gris Grimly's Frankenstein

One project we're ever so patiently waiting for is Gris Grimly's illustrated Frankenstein book, due out in the fall of 2011. Luckily, the multi-talented Grimly has been doling out one illustration a week on his blog, and we've got a couple of them here so you can see why we're so excited about the project.