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First Artwork and New Still for V/H/S: Viral Go Viral; Release News

Magnet Releasing has just released some goodies for the final part of the V/H/S trilogy, V/H/S: Viral, along with some release news. Look for the flick on VOD platforms October 23, 2014, with a limited theatrical run slated for November 21, 2014.

Get a V/H/S: Viral Sneak Peek from Vincent Guastini

FX artist Vincent Guastini shared with DC a quick look at some of his work on the upcoming third chapter in the V/H/S franchise, V/H/S: Viral. Check it out right here, and look for more on this one A/S/A/P!

Magnet Attracts V/H/S: Viral; First Still and Trailer

The found footage anthology films V/H/S and V/H/S/2 were met with great acclaim, and now the third in the series, V/H/S: Viral, has found itself a very familiar home at Cannes. File this one under no-brainer. Read on for details and the first still and trailer!

V/H/S Goes Viral at Cannes

The found footage anthology films V/H/S and V/H/S/2 burst upon the scene and left behind a wondrously gooey splat. Word has just broken that a third flick in the franchise is on its way and it's ready to go Viral.

Supernatural Monsters Cause a Lockdown at Franklin High

Monster movies. We just can't get enough of them, and I think Hollywood is starting to get a real sense of that as every few days another is announced. Next up ... a new creature feature from the team who brought us Dance of the Dead.

The Birds of Anger Finally Descend!

The third and final entry from G4's Epictober celebration (which we first told you about here) has arrived, and believe us when we tell you that Lynch and company have saved the best for last! Hide your pigs!

This Kart Driver is High on Mushrooms and Ready to Kill!

The second of the three short films from G4's Epictober celebration (which we first told you about here) has arrived, and it offers a truly insane take on one of the most beloved video game franchises ever! Check it out!

The Hunt is On for 8 Bits of Extreme Terror

The first of the three short films from G4's Epictober celebration (which we first told you about here) that add a terrifying spin to the video game age of yesteryear is online and shooting down ducks with reckless abandon, and you can watch it right here, right now.

Exclusive First Look at the Poster Art for G4's The Birds of Anger Short Film

A few days ago we told you about the three short films Joe Lynch is putting together for G4's Epictober celebration, each helmed by a different director. Now we're pleased to present the exclusive first look at the artwork for the Gregg Bishop-directed "The Birds of Anger", which closes out the mini film festival on October 26th.

Joe Lynch Overseeing Three Video Game/Horror Mash-up Short Films for G4TV.com

If there's anyone out there who fits the bill of overseeing a mini-film festival of three shorts blending video game premises with familiar tropes from people's favorite horror movies better than Joe Lynch, we can't think of who it might be. Which is why we're super-excited to share the news about his latest project for G4TV.com's Epictober celebration, which begins October 24th. Read on for the details!

Dance of the Dead (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jared Kusnitz, Chandler Darby, Greyson Chadwick, Justin Welborn, Carissa Capobianco Directed by Gregg Bishop Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

You Old Enough to Dance with the Dead?

IGN made me proud today as they posted a "restricted" trailer for Gregg Bishop's prom themed zombie picture, Dance of the Dead.

Praise-filled Dance of the Dead Art

Another poster for Gregg Bishop’s upcoming teens vs. the undead flick, Dance of the Dead, showed up on IMP Awards today; and while it’s not as amusing as the last one, it certainly does heap on the praise!

Dance of the Dead Gets a New Poster

Last year we brought you news of a fresh zombie film being directed by Gregg Bishop, which featured the undead feasting on teens during a homecoming dance (“The Dead Can Dance” – May 2007). The artwork for the film back then really wasn't much to look at, but today we got an eyeful.

The Dead Can Dance

Let’s see, we’ve had zombies at the mall (multiple times), zombies in the woods, zombies in the streets and even underwater zombies; I guess it's inevitable that zombies would eventually make their way to a homecoming dance. The living dead feasting on the flesh of teenagers? Yes, please.