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More Info on the Norman Reedus Twitter Q&A for The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Return

We mentioned several days ago that Norman Reedus (Daryl) will be holding a Twitter Q&A leading up to this Sunday's return of "The Walking Dead" to AMC, and today we have a few more details.

See the First Clip from The Walking Dead Episode 4.09 - After

Watching Chandler Riggs grow into the part of Carl Grimes has been a treat for fans of "The Walking Dead," and the character is the focus of this first clip from Episode 4.09, "After." Another treat is that Norman Reedus (Daryl) will be holding a Twitter Q&A leading up to the Feb. 9 premiere.

New Trailer, Photos, and Official Synopsis for The Walking Dead Episode 4.09 - After

The February 9th return of "The Walking Dead" is getting so close we can almost taste it. Finally we have a title and synopsis for Episode 4.09, "After," along with a new trailer and some photos to share.

Get a Nearly Four-Minute Look at the Return of The Walking Dead Season 4

Ready for an in-depth look at the upcoming return of "The Walking Dead" Season 4? Then settle in because here's an almost four-minute behind-the-scenes chat with the cast and crew about what's ahead when the show returns on February 9th.

A Herd of New The Walking Dead Season 4 Video Promos

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is ready to march on in like a herd of hungry walkers, and to get you geared up for the event, we have a quintet of new video promos! Dig 'em!

Five Things You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Season 4

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is so close you can almost smell it... P.U. those zombies stink! To take your minds off the wait, and the stench, here are five things you need to know straight from some of the key cast and crew members.

The Walking Dead: New Season 4 Footage; Watch Greg Nicotero's "The Walking Dead: The Oath" In Its Entirety

Lots of goodness is available now for fans of "The Walking Dead" as we have more footage from the upcoming 4th season as well as Greg Nicotero's "The Oath" webseries in its entirety right here! Dig it!

Ashley Bell Takes an Oath for The Walking Dead Web Series

The Last Exorcism's Ashley Bell is gonna be exorcising her own demons soon by taking part in the zombie apocalypse as part of Greg Nicotero's "Walking Dead" web series, and we have your info right here.

Greg Nicotero Talks Directing The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere, New Zombie Tricks, and More!

Happy Monday! If you're a fan of "The Walking Dead," you know Mondays usually bring a new "Dispatch from the Set," and this week is no exception. Read on for a chat with exec producer Greg Nicotero.

Gear Up for Season 4 of The Walking Dead with this New Video

Curious about the behind-the-scenes decision-making that goes into "The Walking Dead"? Then check out this new video in which exec producers Gale Anne Hurd, Denise Huth, and Robert Kirkman describe how they selected Greg Nicotero to direct the fourth season premiere.

Norman Reedus Promises an Intense and Terrifying Fourth Season of The Walking Dead

With filming of Season 4 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" in full swing, everyone's wondering what they can expect from the juggernaut series once it returns in October. The much beloved Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, recently sat down with EW to talk zombie shop!

The Walking Dead Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd Talks Season 4's Ravenous Zombies and More

Ready for another "Dispatch" from the set of "The Walking Dead"? This week AMC chats with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd about Season 4's ravenous new walkers, which characters would make great producers, and more.

The Walking Dead Props Master John Sanders Teases New Weapons in Season 4

With filming on Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" now under way, we heard from Props Master John Sanders, who talks about the strangest items he's found for the show and a new method of killing walkers that he has in store for Season 4.

Go Behind the Scenes of The Walking Dead Season 4 Zombie School

Today, Monday, May 6th, production officially kicked off for "The Walking Dead" Season 4, and to celebrate, AMC has provided the first behind-the-scenes look at this season's zombie school.

Go Behind the Scenes and Inside the Making of The Walking Dead Episode 3.15 - This Sorrowful Life

With Greg Nicotero directing this season's penultimate episode of "The Walking Dead," we knew we were in for an intense - and gloriously gory - evening, but did it have to be so absolutely heart-breaking, too? If you can stand the pain, here's an inside look at "This Sorrowful Life."